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Pretty awesome to see the top spots all covered by ex National champions and ex factory riders. Im sure all the regular guys who work 9-5 were stoked just to line up with them at the Regionals. You go guys! Grab that fleeting glory and keep pinning it ... more »

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Can't understand why anyone would freshin it up to "new" condition. Seems the value is the patina that would come from how he rode it.

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Tekton make a good wrench. We have a torque cell at my work and they were acurate with out the name brand expense. I like the manual click as I have electronic name brands not beep amd stripped a drain bolt. You could get all three sizes for less than ... more »

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Walking across parking lot at Gatorback National early 90s I see him and his Dad, mid day, absolutely no one around. I truthfully didn't know who they were but the Kawi truck backed up to where we were. Chicken popped out and gave James some googles ... more »

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I used to wear gloves that were to big and blister. They should be kinda snug and no material should bunch when gripping. And what everyone else said.

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Dang, sorry to hear. I just started using them for some OEM parts and they have done great. Apparently they have a distribution center in VA so what I thought would take a week has been here in couple of days.

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Or how about an even more modern one of these that were built in the 30's. Monark Silver Kings used gusset construction. Most got melted for the aluminum drive.

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I had a Massey 135 from the 70s and it was awesome. The 135 ran discs, roto tillers and bush hog no problem. Good part is you can find a used one pretty cheap and use the remaining 15K on a dozer.

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Kinda common knowledge Roger is clickish. Been more than a few riders who had icy times on his teams. Some even won championships yet were still disregarded.

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That SHIFT ad is iconic. I cut this No Fear ad out of MXA ( I think?)

and still have it framed by the front door.
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Concussion sure is important but what about internal bleeding that could be an issue with a hit that hard? Not a doctor or anything medical but seems he could have really done alot of potential damage that couldn't be diagnosed trackside by lining back ... more »

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"Day-boo" was getting alot of work done here for the first rounds of the season.

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We can tote our inefficient ICE generators out to the track to charge our electric bikes.

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Kenny has got to be hoping for rain the rest of the way I would think. Might be the equalizer he needs at least for Webb. The guy on the green bike? Maybe not.

Added reply in a thread Let's talk EZ ups 2/28/2021 11:29 PM The EZ Up name has come down so much to be competitive with the cheaper brands. You also get a truer square leg set up rather than the angled ones that most $50 ones have. ... more »

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Hoosier is owned by Continental and they are making large cutbacks globally. I speculate the Hoosier spending budget was also scrutinized for 2021. Seems like it wouldn't be much to sponsor a team but spreadsheets are evil bitches when it comes to sums. ... more »

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Hey Dave..." Your mom's a puck bunny and you ride like your on a Ski Doo".. Your welcome..send some more of that helmet liner

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Thats what Steve Hallam thought too