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If you were feeling tired at 33 your really going to feel tired at 48. The riding a de tuned 450 theory may sound good but it doesn’t erase the heavy inertia feeling of them. Another vote for the 350 here.

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Can’t beat the price IMO, 53-63 may be enough reasoning to ease back into it with an affordable bike that will do the job your looking to do. If you find the mo-jo coming back you can go to the next level of bike. 62 yo with a 2012 that serves me well.

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Did a couple rounds of the steroid shots for same issue. Like kgam said they are not pleasant but for me it cleared it up.

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What are these flaggers and ambulances you people talk of?

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Post up a pic of your bike, would love to see it.

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RIP Minnesota brother. Spun some laps today and said some prayers for you and family. Godspeed..

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Try riding with a pair of glasses.

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Hey m121c? Is your number part of your original plate? Like cutting out a jack o lantern (pumpkin) If so what you using to cut with? Never mind, I just read the above post Nice job man!

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Are you calling HQ? Or a dealer?

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Hot Wheels

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I love how people say not to buy 4 year old machines with today’s technology. I’m running a 2012 350 and it’s awesome. It’s a dirt bike.

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“Upper middle class car” Meh.....

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Red, Green, Yellow Black, White Red

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It’s just a dirt bike race, no one cares.

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Great shots! I like the ones where you have bikes going in multiple directions, just something we don’t see often. Bonus, you captured me on that hillside pic of the crowd! Get some more people pics, vendor row action and things like that. I really enjoy ... more »

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About 746 watts per 1 HP, but I’m sure you knew that “Lol”

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Does anyone know if Rodbell got together with Savatgy in first moto. I was at the race and observed Rodbell Holding off Joey then noticed Savatgy gone towards end of moto and Rodbell seemed to have dropped back some but was still up and running. Huge ... more »

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No your not, That was my second thought after watching that dude rip that berm!

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Sold out

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Never heard of staying in a lane within the markers of the track. If this is true, I don’t like it. Supercross or not. WTH!