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That course will sure separate the men from the boys.

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The dirt is the same for everyone, so good or bad, it's still fair.

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Answer to the topic: Not No, but Hell No.

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I love SX, but it's such a downer that every year we start off thinking that it's going to be competitive and then by the half way point in the season, you pretty much know whose gonna win the championship. Just check Sunday morning to see ... more »

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Jeremy Martin is my new favorite rider. I can't help but love it when the guys who shouldn't do well, do well.

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Damn, that was over quick.

Started new thread Chiz Rocks 2/23/2013 5:24 PM

Hope Kyle can cash in tonight.

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RM 80. I think it was 1981, got bumped up from a Honda 50. That was an awesome day.

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Wow, RV2 wins it. I'm "shocked".

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I can be unreasonable at times, this is true, but this is one of my more reasonable opinions.

Started new thread It's 2013 1/19/2013 6:38 PM

I'm I the only one who is pissed, that in an age of world-wide internet access, where all the information known to man is at the click of my keyboard. I can't see a motorcycle race in California that thousands of people want to see. Wow. I guess I'm ... more »

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Diana did great, she really speaks well on camera. Even if she wasn't smokin' hot, she would still be great at the the job. And that is the real test. The best of both worlds.

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I'm no RV2 fan, but this is an anomaly. I would love to see parity in this sport, but everything will even out, just like always. Some Kawi, Monster Energy team will win the championship, and everyone will live Happily ever after. Haha.

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Not a hater on Davi, but if his lazy ass would have worked that hard on the Yamaha, he could of had this kind of finish "many" times. Hate to see a man like Canard lose to him in the last few laps, but that's the way things go, when two guy's are laying ... more »

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I'm just saying, the "chosen ones"make it happen. Guess he's not the rider everyone seems to think. Over-rated bitch is more like it. Just because Mitch and Kawi think your great, doesn"t mean you are. Please.

Started new thread Blake Baggett. 1/5/2013 9:45 PM

Wow Baggett, Kawi. All that hype. The poster child for "Over-rated". Sorry GuyB, I know it's early but not a great way to start.

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Well at least on the Yamaha, Stewart waited till the actual race to get hurt. I guess the Suzuki jacks you up in practice.

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I'm thinkin' Josh is going to be the wild card at A1. He hit that holeshot at MEC, and I'm hoping he may be the one who surprises everyone in the first few rounds.

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Technically he has the "4" from the MX season, but he will never keep it. This guy went from a "mid-pack" at best in SX on the Suzuki, to a star because of Mitch. When all things are equal, he will not keep up with the elite in this sport. If he's in ... more »

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RV does "own" the number 2, but we'll have see if Baggett is the "owner" of the number 4. Way to early to make that call.