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"Being completely honest, Forkner handed this championship to Sexton and he isn’t ready to compete in the big class."

Sorry Cooksey, but I completely disagree with this. He didn't hand anything to Sexton. Forkner failed to make it through the series without injury. Sexton has done what he's needed to do, stay healthy.

So you just put an asterisk on the championship. I expect you to say the same thing about Dungey's title in 2010 since Stewart, Reed and RV "handed him the title."

You have to be in it to win it and Forkner failed at that. Sexton on the other hand, has executed it perfectly. Sure, Forkner was faster the majority of the series, but that doesn't mean shit if you can't finish it.

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He was looking over at the Savatgy/Osborne crash after the finish, why not keep the footage rolling go pro? That would of been cool to see at that angle!

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Crush, they elect to do this to protect the ultra expensive clamps (and some of the fork) from getting blasted with roost. Japan does not take pitted up nasty looking clamps lightly (pun).

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Man, I love the clean look of the Yellow and Blue. The yellow rims are also killer for me. I'm not big into the back wheel look, but then I'm an old guy. I might have to do that with my RM500AF. Both bikes are really well done. Tip of the hat to both teams!

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