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I do kinda think the 7th and 8th spot for the play in is a bit rough... maybe it makes more sense for the 8th seed only. Like if you are in the West, good chance you can still win a lot of games and be in 7th... and then lose in a crap shoot to play ... more »

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Fuck, well write him off for next year then... the guy who has told us more than not that if he's not feeling it, he's not going for it is going to the most set-up sensitive bike in the class? Yeah nah.

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Steve said Pulp listeners have helped give away 180k to privateers? That is fucking outstanding. Way to go!

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He's always faded as a season wears on though... and he has a similar approach in the races, lightning out the gate and as it wears on Coop etc have ground him down. Go back to battling Eli in 250 outdoors. Eli was charging like a maniac at the end and ... more »

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What is Mahi-Mahi TX?

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I may have started an instagram account for our little guy. I am enjoying having a Pup so much... haven't had a pet since I was a kid, it's just been great. The amount of laughs he's made for my kids is absolutely priceless. Best decision ever! ... more »

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Yeah not good for them – three of those teams are unequivocally playing better and the other two have something to play for.

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He's dealing with a high ankle sprain – came out at a normal point in the fourth but they were getting smashed so went for treatment, as they have a back to back tomorrow V the Nuggets. Sad thing is, if they go 0-3 since he’s back, which is likely, he ... more »

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He’s been playing back to backs this year, just injured.

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How is faster and better this hard to distinguish. Moto history is filled with faster guys who didn’t get it done.

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Fuck yeah good day for the Aussies!

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So pumped!

... more »
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Just picked this beast up, haven’t ridden yet as had to have another skin oop. Can’t wait tho, monster truck mullet’ed!

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Harris’s mind was blown when he had a look behind him going over the triple. That’s all you need to know.

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Kawhi has been dealing with a foot injury for a bit, he has looked like shit running for a long time.

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Jeeeeeeebus, glad you’re sorted mate!

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Suns Clip game is interesting. Suns were better but Kawhi was on the bench... on the other hand, George was ok but you could argue with the pressure on he wasn't as elite as he has been mid-season...

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So Cookesy just did this video... Could have done without the Lady drama part as we all know but it's a pretty good summary of the racing incidents... It would be interesting to see if a freak accident happens and Ken won the title. With a lot of the ... more »

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Yeah two double dnfs in a shortened series after winning something and having a kid, not surprised he was a little bit mreh... but then again we've been used to him just steamrolling since his career started. If he was a win from the front type of guy ... more »

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From a marketing pov, it'd make sense if there was distinguishing features between the classes or products. The gap between the classes has never been more invisible. 250 four strokes do most everything the 450s can, and the things they can't if we're ... more »