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Just gotta hit his marks

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On Pulp, they said he became a Sheriff.

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He was absolutely awesome! Love to see him become a routine host

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Glad to see GL back. That thread had me a bit worried.

Added reply in a thread Taylor Roberts leads WORCS after Glen Helen weekend fuel on the crotch incident 9/22/2020 4:01 PM

Reminds me of Tedesco's story about the Bercy Supercross. He had his cap come off and got gas all over his unit. He said it burned a lot but he kept going. A few laps later, he went down hard and knocked himself out. When he came to, he woke up naked ... more »

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If you check out the lap times, Kenny ran a 45 and 46s through the first 10 laps. He dropped to 47s from 11-18, and 48s from 19-27. He clearly hit a wall. Cooper ran 46s the entire race with only a single 47 on lap 18. He hit his marks all night. Eli ... more »

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If he feels like it.

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I scared the shit out of my dog that night! I was pretty animated after that one.

Added reply in a thread Who are looking to have a breakout win in ‘20? 12/20/2019 4:26 AM really like Bogle 😂 (It wasn’t me 😬 and you can see who voted)

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He’s taller than I am and will ever be. 125 is just fine.

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I am re-watching MX and was reminded of how good he looked at times. I think it was Thunder Valley where he holeshot and led a lap or so. He was a tick off the fast guys but not by much. It was pretty impressive. I think he could surprise.

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Black with red hubs. No matter what choice, that thing is so damn beautiful.

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I love this team and what they're doing. I wish Cooper would take it as seriously as his teammates. He should have been over there before Anderson. Still glad he's heading over early to get used to it, and glad to hear how he wants to represent us. They ... more »

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We always are. I hate this time of year...

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So very, very sorry for your loss.

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Totally agree with HighPlains and Max D about choke/idling. I might let it warm up for 30-60 seconds before blipping but I wouldn't go much longer without expecting it to load up. A couple of other things: 1) gas quality. Pump is usually fine but not ... more »

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Brownie is sooo Punk Rock. That's going to be awesome.

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FoD does have trails since it sounds like that's what you're looking for, but I don't know how extensive and expensive that might be. There are places in Pennsylvania and New York that aren't too far that also have trail riding available, but that's ... more »

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That’s cool-wish I was in the area to support Tyler and United Bank. Thanks for doing this! Great to see companies getting involved.