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Reply to KTM 390 opinions 9/21/2021 1:28 PM

Yamaha T7 or KTM790/890. Plenty of power for the street, still plenty capable of getting into things much worse than a dirt road. I haven't ridden the latest 690/701 but the first few years of them weren't anything special IMO. You could get a modded ... more »

Reply to Does a Dude Ranch for Moto-Guys Exist? 9/21/2021 8:22 AM

GnarlyRoutes does fly and ride group trips throughout the west and mountains. Rent a their KTM, or bring your own sometimes, ride single track for a week. RawHyde Adventures does big trips ADV through Colorado, Utah, Baja, South America and they even ... more »

Reply to 2021 Endurocross Round 1 Results and Interviews 9/20/2021 10:24 AM

And the after party was lit

Reply to Lock on grip throttle tube compared to stock 9/17/2021 1:03 PM

Been running ODI lock on's for 7+ years on a variety of different bikes 2 and 4 stroke. Never had a problem.

Reply to Smoothest clutch cable brand? 9/14/2021 1:08 PM

The EZ Pull perch/lever has been my go to part for lightening clutch pull (after ensuring the cable is properly routed and in good condition). Cheap, simple and effective. ... more »

Reply to NEW 2017 CR534AF Stroker Build (Images) 9/14/2021 9:45 AM

Reply to What was your first bike? 9/13/2021 10:14 AM

PW50 on my 5th birthday

Reply to Sprint Enduro Newbie 9/13/2021 9:08 AM

No need to worry about a camelback or anything at a Sprint Enduro. The loops are usually 3-6 miles long and you'll have 10+ minutes between each loop to cool down and grab a drink. If Michigan runs their race days like FullGas or US Sprint, you'll have ... more »

Reply to yz250fx can it be detuned with mapping? 9/13/2021 8:46 AM

There should be space for a throttle stop screw on the FX's throttle body. That will cap the power a lot. If you're really concerned about the power, grab a WR250F. From 2015 up it is virtually the same bike as the FX but comes with the throttle stop ... more »

Reply to Best chest protector 9/8/2021 12:42 PM

I've really liked my Fly Racing Convertible 2. Works with neck guards, comfortable, comes in a few sizes. I'm on my second one in over a decade of wearing that particular model.

Reply to 2019 YZ 250F Weak front brake 8/23/2021 5:23 AM

YFZ450 (yes the sport quad) front master cylinder with a shorty lever (because the stock lever is obnoxiously long). HUGE power improvement over stock and you can grab that master cylinder off ebay for $30 and a cheap shorty lever for $10-15. I first ... more »

Reply to Just an idea… please help! 8/13/2021 8:55 AM

The porta potty guy at my sprint enduro races would wash bikes for people, $5-10 per. He usually showed up a couple hours after the awards had been given out so it just a handful of people still hanging out, most would take him up on the wash when they ... more »

Reply to No more motorcycles at Pikes Peak 8/13/2021 8:49 AM

Sad to see the motorcycle races to come to an end there. I've ridden up and down Pike's a few times (once I got stopped at the brake check point and screamed at by the ranger on duty for going too quickly and passing people) I wasn't pushing the bike ... more »

Reply to First photo of Triumph’s new motocross bike 8/10/2021 5:20 PM

This whole thread is, don’t come here looking for the truth 😂😂

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Reply to Interesting new THOR gear 8/10/2021 10:18 AM

vaguely familiar

Reply to Ktm exc-f 450 2020 Spokes problem 8/10/2021 10:02 AM

Check your spokes often. This is in no way related to the Mousse. Every person I personally know with a 20-21 KTM has issues with spokes coming loose frequently regardless of tubes, tubeliss, or mousse.

Reply to Does your Orthodontist Moto? 8/5/2021 8:21 AM

Guy Cooper's older brother Chuck. Still practicing dentistry and riding dirtbikes in the 60+ class.

Reply to Don't like the intimidating power of modern MX Bikes? Try this... 7/29/2021 7:28 AM

I'd 100% race these if there were 30 other likeminded people at the track any given weekend and they were cheap enough.

Reply to XC / offroad racing in the Wichita, KS area. 7/28/2021 10:30 AM

The BJEC series has a few races within 2-3 hours of Wichita, Sept 12 there's a Sprint Enduro in Maramec. Followed by an enduro in Stillwater and another nearer Tulsa (an NEPG co-sanctioned race), both in October) Jeeps Motorcycle club (don't let the ... more »