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I'd 100% race these if there were 30 other likeminded people at the track any given weekend and they were cheap enough.

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The BJEC series has a few races within 2-3 hours of Wichita, Sept 12 there's a Sprint Enduro in Maramec. Followed by an enduro in Stillwater and another nearer Tulsa (an NEPG co-sanctioned race), both in October) Jeeps Motorcycle club (don't let the ... more »

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They're already building the latest in modular motorcycle technology.

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Bajaj is currently building a factory, slated to open in 2023. Its exclusively for their premier partnerships - Triumph, KTM, Husqvarna. ... more »

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I started to wonder about this potentiality about two years ago. A British Market Research company specializing in powersports LJE Rider Research did a huge paid market study with about 100 people from the US mostly, being selected (I was one of the lucky participants) ... more »

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Someone did that already... Its called a Sherco. The frame geometry matches a late model RM250 and the construction is KTM style tubing. They're really nice bikes if you get the opportunity to check them out.

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I'll gladly adopt electric "motorcycles" when they become readily available and I can make the average 50-70 mile range of a local enduro/hare scramble, either with a quick swap battery, long enough range, or really fast charging capabilities readily ... more »

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Here's some links that may give perspective to the market. There was also an Indian Mini Mini sold that is based on the same platform. ... more »

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google translate = " Both, as evidence of the racing soul of the two bikes, are equipped with traction control and launch control GET. A big plus is the LC-GPA screen positioned on the fender to better manage starts and display the different levels of ... more »

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I love my pair of Ogio 9800s, they've worked great over the last decade plus. I have seen the Zulz in action and they seem fantastic as well. But, My next gear bag will be one of these, Husky 209261 37 in. Mobile Job Box Utility Cart Black or these; Rubbermaid ActionPacker️ 48 Gal Lockable Storage Bin, Industrial, Rugged Large Storage Container with Lid Maybe this? Monoprice Weatherproof / Shockproof Hard Case with Wheels - Black IP67 level dust and water protection up to 1 meter depth with Customizable Foam, 33" x 22" x 17" Cheaper than a ... more »

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No. But I played the game Motocross Maniacs on our linked Nintendo GameBoys with Scott McLaughlin in the airports for hours. He's from just up the road from you in Washington.

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I've always wanted a fullsize 80/100 like the ones Roeseler and others raced at the ISDE's in the 80-90s and I was immediately infatuated with them as a young teenager when I attended the 92/93 ISDE's in Australia and Holland and was saddened when they ... more »

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i just assumed it was this guy; who seems to work closely with KTM...

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listed 10th digit is X, which would be 99. V would = 97. swing arm sticker is 99... seat/graphics are 97.

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Port City Raceway in Tulsa has been hosting microsprint races races for 30+ years. They are less than 1000 feet from the nearest houses. Microsprints are obnoxiously loud and the races last til midnight nearly every weekend of the year. They even had

... more »
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Like the first response, the last few Dual Sports I built for customers, I started with a Tusk wiring harness and switchgear. They aren't the greatest wiring harnesses, but they are cheap, reliable and can be easily modified to piggyback nicely onto ... more »

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Use some good tape on the inside of the wheel to seal up the spoke holes. Put rubber valve stem into the original valve stem hole. This keeps the wheel from ingesting dirt/water and will make the bibs last much longer. The valve stem allows you push ... more »

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I know the same model year F shocks are different than the first gen of the FX/WR and that the first gen FX shock does not fit a second gen FX. And I know the current F - FX/WR shock bodies are not the same as the 250F shock you're looking at from a ... more »

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In all honesty though, ANY 4 stroke feels like an overweight, cumbersome, turd when you try to ride them in hard enduro situations, especially back to back with a nice 250/300 2 stroke. Not saying the FX isn't tall and heavy, it is... But it ain't the ... more »