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New thread How can you volunteer to be a flagger? 4/1/2019 6:36 AM

was just curious while watching the races Saturday - where are these guys signing up to be flaggers? Surely someone on here knows...

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New thread Right before you hit the dirt.... 3/19/2019 6:29 AM

Let's hear those thoughts that you remember clearly right before you wadded up in epic fashion. Here's mine: Riding with my brother...we were just horsing around doing this stupid little tabletop that I swear couldn't have been 10' across. I don't even ... more »

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New thread Baggett 2019 Outdoors... 2/11/2019 7:24 AM

is going to be an animal. That guy has always been great outdoors (from time to time) but if he can put together a pretty good SX season and build his confidence...I think he'll be top 3 all summer. Thoughts?

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New thread redirected to mobile site? 2/1/2019 12:33 PM

anybody else out there coming to the page today on desktop and being sent to the mobile version? Strange.

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New thread frustrating broadcast 1/27/2019 8:57 AM

Surprised I didn't see a topic about this. I couldn't count how many times Ralph would say "Oh look - Musquin made up 3 seconds - Webb must have had a bobble!" (that we didn't see) or when someone was getting sketchy or block passing and the camera would ... more »

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New thread Vitards, dual sport opinions? 12/19/2018 12:05 PM Been wanting one for a while. I used to have a klr650 and the thing was bulletproof but also weighed about 2tons. I have a cruiser bike for longer rides, but ... more »

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New thread wow. that really sucked. 10/14/2018 7:21 AM

I'm not sure what to say about the "sport" of sx any more. The "mini" class just hit every single jump (save for the one triple in the little rhythm section) that the 450 pros were doing. I mean, I know that the MEC track is supposed to be a hybrid type ... more »

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New thread Texas - 2002 XR70 9/24/2018 9:57 AM

one of the best pit bikes ever. Bulletproof, 3 speed, auto. Great condition - brand new rear tire. Anybody in Texas need one? They are getting hard to find and have great resale. $725 OBO.

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New thread Good Time MX Park outside San Antonio... 9/8/2018 6:44 AM

owned by Kent Howerton in the mid-80s until ???. I raced there all the time as a kid and watched Ricky Johnson when they had their only National there one year. Does anybody have old photos of the place? Feeling nostalgic and wanted to see if I could ... more »

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