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Jeff Slavens, just saying...ask any top Pro!!

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well put, Chris Ow was a lifetime friends and Ryan didnt know shit about Chris or his riding experience and went on a rampage promoting him, his products and riding schools, absolute bullshit!! His 2nd rambling realized he made a mistake but still out ... more »

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great guy from an even greater family. His Dad David is one of the founding members of the Ridge Runners MC Club who put on one of the first international MX GP events here in the United States in Santa Cruz, up at Delaveaga Golf course now. Chris was ... more »

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Why is Larry Maiers in all the ass photos...coincidence, don't think so!! Good times!!

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would of been better had other manufacturers other than just ktm show up, oh yea, maybe some current riders other than 2 that have been retired for some time

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See you there Ted, we'll be up there for a 4 day golf trip and this is the start of it. 2018 Endurocross championship or also known as the Cody Webb retirement fund...i hope!!

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At Mt Morris couple years ago Kyle Regal landed on one and it went damn near through him, they were capping them for quite awhile, hope they do the same here!! Got to spend couple days in the hospital with him

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Holigans not know for his sense of humour anyway, let alone an ex....just imho lol

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just a bump in the road Big Maico, thoughts are with you and yours!!

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won D36 #1 plate in 1984 and got second behind LR that year in it!!

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Yo Steve, good seeing you last week, stay warm tonight!!

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fitness isn't the issue, go check the lap times, hes as fast at the end as the start...gotta me mental and that can be fixed!!

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pbly can get away w/mousse tubes as speeds are high on a couple of road sections (6 mile canyon) but overall pretty rocky

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Don't know how I missed this but sounds like Barcia is back to using his nickname!! Cooper Webb and Justin Barcia got into an altercation following the last lap of the Anaheim II Supercross. They ended up wrestling around in the Yamaha pit and rolled ... more »

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Both the 250 and 450 classes will run three separate Main Events of various durations during the night show. The scoring for the overall results will be Olympic style, with a first-place finish in a Main Event earning a rider one point, an eighth-place ... more »

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impressed, like the guy he's charismatic and definitely knows the racing side

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Top American contender Bryce Menzies catapulted at what looked like well over 100 mph taking him out of the event, too bad, he was considered to be a top runner. Keeping an eye on quite a few of the U.S. riders, Mark Samuels, Shane Esposito, Ricky Brabec ... more »

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helped develop Suzuki RMX and towards the end of I rode a KTM 300, best motor I've ridden. After quitting Suzuki, got to do a long term test of the KTM 300, rode it for 6 months and put 1 clutch, lots of tires on it, best motor/bike I'd ridden, still ... more »