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In Anadarko OK. Lifted daughter's KX 85 over side of pickup left son's 125. Pickup was backed up to a fence. Cops called me about 2 weeks later kid broad sided a car with it, must have been local rich kid they would not let me file charges plus had to ... more »

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This thread like damm politics, ain't nobody swaying no one 🙈🙉🙊

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Pretty cool how they followed Ken over the finish all the way to the podium without showing any one else or the finishing results for 3rd main. Got nothing against Ken but damm like to see if there is any last second position changes

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Cool, I had one of these back in the day

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Can Davalos be a creeper

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NBC Sports should hire u guys and use videos like this during their broadcast. This is awesome and the info is great.

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Especially fun to cheer for favorites 17 weeks in a row watch the championship won by your favorite riders then watch em blow it all up not at your expense +scantily clad women for background. Oh yeah another point Harley's are motorcycles 2.?

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Motor going to be rebuilt anyway no stud fee for years like a horse. Only other horse comparison I know of is when I traded my shitland pony for dirt bike in 4th grade I swore never to ride anything else that didn't have tits or a kill switch

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Marv and Eli battle end up taking each other out JA wins Barcia 2nd Baggett 3rd

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Was my thought exactly

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Tomac came 3 lines left to help Marv

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Looked like Tomac pulled over too Anderson in the main

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Wasn't Stewart's a paperwork thing. He turned in the paperwork in Pryor seasons that he was taking the Adderall. He failed to turn in the paperwork stating that it was Dr treatment. If they test positive first time have tester call at any time and go ... more »

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Dam genius ya think

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Plessinger Anderson

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Plessinger and El Hombre

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Dungey's first championship came under the same scrutiny, look how that worked out for him. Most of the injuries were self inflicted Anderson had nothing to do with them. El Hombre been putting in the work physically and mentally he deserves to be champion. ... more »

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WTF diffence it make he didn't ride and screwed up my fantasy score ?

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Aaron Plessinger personality and results

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Pussy been downfall of many good men?