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New thread Paging Peely... (Pierce Brown) 6/20/2019 6:35 AM

Pierce making the move up?

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New thread WTB 2014-up KX85 forks and front brake 6/10/2019 2:16 PM

Looking for a set of 2014 or newer KX85 front forks, and front brake assembly. Might be interested in a set of clamps and rear shock too. Had no luck searching on eBay and locally. Let me know if you have anything.

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New thread Matt Buyten offering his 450 for Dallas SX 2/6/2019 10:34 AM

Pretty cool of Matt to do this.

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New thread Tech 10 booties 12/5/2018 9:09 AM

I have a pair of brand new size 9 tech 10 booties. Looking to sell them, or will trade for size 10 booties. $110 shipped.

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New thread Shout out to RockyMountain? 7/18/2018 3:57 PM

Update: Called RMATV, they are emailing me a return label to ship the parts back. They said they are putting a gift card on my account as a thank you, and for the hassle of returning the parts. Ordered some random little parts over the weekend, they

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New thread Alpinestars Tech 10 Size 11 6/11/2018 8:19 PM


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New thread RC’s TBT post 3/29/2018 12:34 PM

Any guesses to who did

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New thread CRF150F/230F pitbike build 2/28/2018 4:46 PM

I know this isn’t yall’s cup of tea, but hopefully you can still appreciate it... So, I’ve been riding KLX140’s for the past couple years, I honestly love that turd of a bike more than any other I own! Haha. My buddy introduced me to them, and we modded

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New thread Brandon Hartranft 2/18/2018 9:41 AM

I didn’t see anything posted, but was he docked positions? This says he finished 4th, broadcast had him as 8th, now it shows him 19th. He was involved in that first turn crash, he got bumped off the track and sent into the next lane. He made a right,

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New thread 2004 KX125 Flywheel bolt torque? 9/13/2017 3:39 PM

Anyone happen to know the torque spec for the flywheel bolt on a 2004 KX125? I tried google, but nothing came up for the flywheel. I'm working on the bike for a buddy, or I would have just bought a service manual. Any help would be appreciated!

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New thread My 04 KX125 build *Just starting* 4/25/2014 1:01 AM

Ok guys, need a little advice on what to do here. I'm wanting to do a project 125, I thought I had found the perfect bike (blown up 07 YZ125 for $900), but the kid is being VERY difficult to deal with, and he's 5hrs away, so I have pretty much crossed ... more »

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New thread Custom Triple Clamps 7/1/2013 10:49 PM

Anybody know of a place that can make a set of custom triple clamps? I'm not looking to do anything crazy, just need a set of RM85 clamps made, but with the front fender and number plate bolt pattern of a KX85 [pit bike project]. I had Ron at RSW Racing ... more »

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