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Holy shit, that one kid is a local rider here haha. I have some mutual friends with him. I think his name is Taylor Holder

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I’ve shipped quite a few engines. I usually buy a plastic tub, pack the engine in there with bubble wrap and what not, then zip tie the lid on. I used to be able to ship them just like that, but now Fedex requires it to be in a box (so stupid). I usually ... more »

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PW50 XR70 2005 YZ85 2005 YZ250F 2006 KX250F 2007 CRF250R 2002 CR250 2009 CRF250R 2005 KLX110 (current) 2003 KX125 2009 KLX140L (current) BBR V3 KLX110 (current) BBR CRF230F (current) 2013 KLX140L (current) 2004 KX125 2017 KX250F (current) 2005 CRF150F/230F ... more »

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If you watch it on the Supercross Live Facebook page, you can hear the questions. And it was Rob Gronkowski who Eli was referring to being as big as.

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I’ve been wearing them since they came out, I wore the Tyrant goggles before switching. I really like them, fit is good with my Shoei, padding has stayed in tact, and the bigger lens actually made a bigger difference than I thought. Only downside is ... more »

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Reminded me of the Reed/Stewart incident from Atlanta years ago...

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KTM of North Texas/SLM Graphics. It’s a shop here in Arlington.

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I got the same email about a month ago. I went to pick up another set because of that spring deal, saw everything was out of stock so sent an email and she said they had sold out of everything except the camo gear. Pretty crazy! I’m glad they aren’t ... more »

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Like others have said, any graphic company can make you up a set. Look up JJW designs, he’s pretty involved with the pitbike scene and can get you hooked up.

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Any guesses to who did

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Cool to see people still getting into pitbikes! I’ve been riding them about 10 years now. I started on KLX110’s, built a few then my buddy bought a KLX140 (Maddog bike), and I’ve been riding those since. They sit just slightly taller than a mod 110, ... more »

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Like PhilG said, doesn’t look like this flagger gave him the blue flag. The next flagger was next to the whoops, he was standing a few whoops in (I don’t think anyone would be paying attention to a flagger when entering whoops?!) waving the blue to some

... more »
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My aunt just moved to Azle last year, I’ve got a few riding buddies that live in that area too. It’s a pretty nice little town, it’s got some interesting people though lol. Check out the Azle Cafe across the street from Azle HS, little family owned place ... more »

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Long list! Closest to DFW, is Village Creek in south Fort Worth. They have a day track, night track, and trails. Burleson MX is another close one. Tame but fun track with good dirt. River Valley in Boyd (30-45min from Fort Worth) is a good track. Oak ... more »

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Did you see the one where the dude thought he was talking/dating Katy Perry for like 2 years?!

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That’s a pretty cool story man! I actually watch their catfish show. Some episodes seem really fake, but a couple are kinda interesting to watch for the drama and weirdos on there. Lol

Added reply in a thread RCSX Daytona 3/12/2018 3:28 PM 3:24:45ish is the Marchbanks/Halpain incident. Didn’t seem that dirty to me. He T-boned him, but wasn’t like the Alessi/Tickle from a few years ago. Looked like those lines came ... more »

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Thank you! PT, it was $1,099.

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PT, that sounds like a cool build! Post it up. Sticecube, and yak, thanks guys! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Hopefully spin some laps on it soon!

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I know this isn’t yall’s cup of tea, but hopefully you can still appreciate it... So, I’ve been riding KLX140’s for the past couple years, I honestly love that turd of a bike more than any other I own! Haha. My buddy introduced me to them, and we modded

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