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What year does the PC exhaust fit?

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So, has no arrest or anything happened after they beat up the little girl? I'd imagine she knows who the mom and brother are, and could identify them as the ones who assaulted her?

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Anyone else getting the "coverage will resume shortly" during what would be the commercial breaks? I thought I paid $50 for constant race action...

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Nope. There's no rebound or compression clickers on these bikes. Just pull the caps off (17mm) and the spring is just sitting in there.

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If they are anything like KLX140 forks (which they seem to be), just pull the top caps off, pull out the springs and drop the new ones in. Don't have to pull the forks apart or anything. If the BBR ones don't come with a spacer, I don't think you'll ... more »

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I have this one (I think mine is 2000psi though), it works great. Not too powerful, but still gets any and all dirt off no problem. The different nozzles are awesome too. I've had it about a year now, and no issues yet.

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I'm surprised no one has started a gofundme for the rabbit yet...

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What I don't get, is if it was a bent rotor, why not swap the wheel? It would've taken just as long as it took them to do whatever they were doing. Or if it was a brake system problem, it's like 4 or 5 bolts to change it.

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I searched on Xbox for it yesterday, no results came up. I emailed NBC Gold too, but haven't gotten a response. One other thing I don't get, is on my regular NBC sports app it shows no Motocross at all, but why can I not watch the 2nd motos on it, if ... more »

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Can't get it on Xbox one either. Kinda sucks, because I have the NBC sports app on there, and I thought the gold package was just going to be a option through that app. Didn't realize it was a whole new app, which isn't available on Xbox.

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I mentioned it in the 'why ktm can't admit it' thread... I didn't see anything about a penalty for Owen or Lamay, so why would Marvin or Ryan get one if they said the same thing? Unless the rules in SX regarding this are different from AX, but I doubt ... more »

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Anyone watch the Denver Arenacross? Ben Lamay let Jace Owen by on the last lap. He was then asked about it on the podium, and admitted he let Owen go by because Jace is his teammate and he's in the championship hunt. I imagine AX goes by the same rules ... more »

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Totally agree. I think if Marvin would've said something like 'Ryan was close to me, he's in the championship, and with him being my teammate I let him by so he can have a little more cushion heading into Vegas' instead of the "mistake" excuse, it would've ... more »

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I was wondering if he was going to get docked for that, he cut quite a bit of track. I thought he went down in the whoops at first, then I saw the replay. At least it makes one championship hunt interesting now.

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don't think the guy in black likes Reed!!

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From the practice stream, it looked like Zach gave AC a little bump a few corners in, then AC hit him after the triple. Doesn't really seem like AC to just plow Zach like that for no reason, especially in practice.

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^^This reminds me of when Reed rode that YZ in opening ceremonies at Atlanta, and the shit storm that happened afterwards... I wonder if this bike will end up on eBay tomorrow??

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The moto handshake hahaha

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I can relate to you man. I sometimes get those negative thoughts running through my mind. I can't say it's ever happened while riding, but sometimes on the gate, I'll start thinking of what can go bad (mainly crashing in the first corner), but once the ... more »

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I'll be there! I'll be hobbling around on crutches and probably wearing a Vital shirt.