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Clutch plates sticking makes sense. The hard start after still has me curious, I wouldn’t think the clutch would do that? I ran Bel Ray 10w40 in both bikes. I haven’t ridden my ‘23 yet, so can’t anything about it.

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If you’re on Facebook, look up “Midsize-Conversion play bike parts and info”

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$175 shipped

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I paid $7980 OTD in Mississippi. Something weird on my 21 and 22, I would start the bike, let it warm up for a minute or 2 (usually just while I grabbed my gloves and goggles, I would feel the radiators to see if they were warm), pull in the clutch, ... more »

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No where lately. I’ve been in Memphis 2 years now working for an areacross series. Almost no where to ride here

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Chopper, I sent you a message on Instagram. Just about every vet friendly track has been mentioned already, but I’ll throw Swan out there too as a possibility. The day track can be high speed, but as far as jumps, it’s about as tame as it gets. I think ... more »

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Sucks to lose any track, but they were pretty much doomed from the start with the dirt there. They just posted they’re moving operations to Branson, Missouri though.

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21 CRF250 subframe. I think it fits 18-21? Bought it from a buddy as a spare, he got it off eBay. I have a ‘23 now so no use to me. Appears to be straight. $200 shipped to the lower 48.

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He sure killed my fantasy team. Took the bait with that qualifying time, and hearing he had something to prove… Only thing he proved was I should’ve picked Jeremy Hand over him.

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I happened to notice this in the 1st moto of 40+. The guy that finished in 13th went from 6th to 20th (seems like a crash), then to 13th in one lap, and ran a lap time 11 seconds faster than his next fastest time. Not sure if he found a unique line,

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Used MXsponsor in the past, it was worth it to me back then. I had gotten 50% off Scott, that alone saved me $50 per set of goggles. There’s cheaper options and different routes like mentioned above, but I was never into racing enough to make an actual ... more »

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Dallas/Fort Worth area. I lived in Arlington (right in the middle of Dallas and Fort Worth), there was a good amount of tracks within 30 minutes to an hour drive. Then if you want to venture out more, there’s another smaller selection of tracks in Austin, ... more »

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I bought my ‘23 for $7900 OTD. I sold my ‘22 for $7700. Yeah, a 23 isn’t going to make any difference for me, but I have a brand new bike to drool over and it only cost me $200.

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Trying to watch on the Flo app, it’s really sped up. Tried going off Wifi, back on, going on the browser, etc. Nothing changed, hopefully it’s fixed for the motos.

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Picked up a ‘23 2 weeks or so ago, haven’t had a chance to ride it yet, waiting on some parts, but from what I’ve heard it’s identical to the ‘22.

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Flo app has said “MAVTV plus broadcast starting soon” for 38 minutes now on my TV (I checked other apps to make sure it wasn’t the tv, they all work fine). I go on my phone, hit the Flo app and it works on there. Doesn’t make sense

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2022 CRF250R, all stock with only 10hrs. Only had T4 ran through it. I have the MSO. Located in Memphis, TN. Asking $7900. No trades. 8one7-2one7-8397

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Godspeed OC

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Haven’t missed Arlington SX since they’ve been in the new stadium, was supposed to go this year but had some stuff come up. This adds salt to the wound now, definitely would’ve come to the show.

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I have a group of friends going, I was all in to go until I saw the high Sunday is 40. Might just be a spectator now if anything lol