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Vital strikes again totally not listening to what’s actually said or taking the time to watch the video and are missing the point . He never compared weekend warriors to USA amatuers he said the skill of the weekend warrior in Europe was better than ... more »

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Thrasher did but Frye went “pro “the same year Shimoda, Lawrence and Swoll did . They all raced SX in their first year where Frye chose not to race sx and start in outdoors but it’s still counted as a 1st year of contract I would think. Contracts are ... more »

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Frye did have 2 year pro deal this was his second year. But yes the star bike is the best bike in the paddock and if you are on the best bike getting beaten a lot it doesn’t do you any favors unfortunately .

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😂😂 the fact you think this silver spurs is the Lawrence boy’s father shows you don’t know him at all... I do know him and I can tell you he would NEVER sign up or be on vital hence the reference keyboard warriors on the whiskey throttle show. I have ... more »

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They did it at another round earlier this year too , I think it was Millville or unadilla ?

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Personally I like the drone to see the different lines riders take .

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Man Dylan impressed me in that 2nd moto on that dry let’s face it by the end of the day crappy track lapping times 2secs faster than top guys and making it look easy . You can see why he is the champ this year !

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No one can argue this, that he is an “Australian “ generational talent cause not since Reedy has anyone won a championship in the US from Australia , heck he is 2 years younger than when Reedy won his first title here. As for dropping the word “Australian” ... more »

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That’s vital for you 😂

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😂😂 this is gold . Boys will be boys .

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Justin is one of the most consistent riders he always has been .It’s hard to believe with how good he has been this is only his first 1,1 of his 3-4 years racing pro with the starts he gets . I feel like he has won more . On the other hand people need ... more »

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What about Ty masterpool ‘s team , I see you had AEO stickers on would they be looking for an extra rider ?

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Silver spurs is not Darren Lawrence...... for anyone that knows Darren knows he would never be on vital or on any forum .

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Yeah I agree with you on the jumps being more forgiving .

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Sad reading posts like this . Let’s hope they prep it deep for nationals ! I like seeing the unadilla ruts and besides we haven’t had any rutted tracks this year where normally highpoint and thunder valley are . Whilst they made for good racing having ... more »

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I can’t see it going ahead with all this talk of points or being in middle of the season . The factory Europe teams are not going to risk a world championship just for a mxon . Same in the 250 class , no title contenders are going to risk either putting ... more »

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You missed the point there was no flags .Hence so many riders crashed .

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Yes Jett won the first round but Jmart tied on points so both had red plate going into thunder valley .

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I would love to get my hands on a set of that gear !!

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Close but your a few years out, Chad was 19 yrs old racing GP’s and 19/20yrs when he raced sx in USA . So yes can’t compare Jett to Chad , let’s wait till he gets to 20yrs old first . Let’s just enjoy the rookies whoever they are, whether it’s kitchen ... more »