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Triple clamp price?

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I have a 17' (same engine)and race hare scrambles. First GNCC at St. Clairsville (mudfest) mine got so hot it shut down. Radiator cap steaming, overflow, the works. Let it cool, started right up. First OXCR with fan same thing. Replaced all hoses, Engine ... more »

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May sound stupid. But check the 10 amp fuses that are under the seat next to the battery. Mine wouldn't start after something similar and what do you know it was a fuse. Wish I would've checked before panic set in.

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+1 on the 2nd one. Plan on getting a fan kit for the woods. Once we added radiator guards there wasn't enough airflow. Had 2 dnf's when I first started Hare Scrambles. The radiator hose in the downtube is notorious for leaks. Keep that baby cool and ... more »