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New thread Ktm under seat electrical connector 10/9/2021 5:18 AM

Just found this electrical connection under the seat, they weren’t attached but bike runs fine, anyone know what it’s for and I presume they should be connected back together? Thanks in advance

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New thread sxf 350 front wheel spacers 9/30/2021 7:58 AM

Hi, I recently purchased a 2016 KTM 350 sxf, the bike seems great but just has one small issue. The front wheel moves side to side slightly, at first before purchase I figured it was bearings - no biggie. On inspection it seems as though the spacers ... more »

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New thread RM 250 - UK bike - MUST SEE! 8/18/2021 1:50 AM

RM 250 2007 model, One of the last before they stopped making this bike in 2008 so these are very sought after and this one is a very unique bike which is in incredible condition for the year and full of really nice looking parts. The bike was bought

... more »

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New thread AMA and MXGP track prep 7/1/2021 3:12 AM

Can’t disagree with how good the racing has been!

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New thread Supercross Master Class!! 6/30/2021 7:41 AM

Tony Allessi just posted this, forget the lcq I’d rather watch this over the 250 & 450 mains! List who you thinks missing and 🙏🏼 to the stars this could become a reality 😂

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New thread Bike share 3/4/2021 11:07 AM

I posted on here a few years ago suggesting that I may go halves with a friend on a bike, I was warned off it like the plague but just wanted to share my experience as it may interest others, then again it may just as likely end up in the dumbgeon lol. ... more »

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New thread KTM Acquisitions 1/10/2021 4:14 AM

Any insight if KTM are done buying up their smaller competitors? They mention gas gas the fun brand, KTM the race brand, husky the heritage brand would be cool to see them scoop up tm racing as their special ‘handmade’ brand

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New thread NBC Supercross preview show 1/9/2021 11:41 AM

Anyone know if there’s a stream of the supercross preview show from the UK tia

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New thread Title sponsor 10/15/2020 12:57 AM

With the sad departure of FC Honda from the sport, out of interest what would Geico be paying as a title sponsor for the FC Honda team per year?

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New thread Why is it when? 10/11/2020 3:24 PM

Why is it when you drop the bike or fall off in a moto that your bars always feel bent for a few corners - half a lap before you readjust? I never been able to understand why this is!?

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New thread Best Mx repair shops in UK 10/1/2020 6:22 AM

Looking to get 4 stroke fully stripped down and any parts needed replaced over the winter. Any recommendations in UK (preferably in West Midlands/north west/ north Wales) who’s the best mechanic up this way. Heard nothing but horror stories from the ... more »

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New thread Best knee braces 7/26/2020 1:25 PM

I’m in the market for some new knee braces. I’ve run the asterisk cells for a few years but find they don’t fit me the best and I find them really big and bulky to ride it. What do people see as the best these days, a lot of new ones come in since I ... more »

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New thread New SX series layout 6/3/2020 11:26 AM

Obviously we’ve yet to see how it plays out, but can’t help but think it’d be better for the riders and possibly the series to have this new condensed timing between racing after this season ends. If they can do 7 round in 3.5 weeks, then they could ... more »

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New thread Game changers 12/29/2019 10:19 AM

Netflix documentary game changers shows athletes on a plant based diet, anyone know of any top level riders who are vegan?

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New thread PRAEP 10/15/2019 6:45 AM

Just came across this while browsing, very clever and well priced training tool, most will have an old set of bars lying round so it’s only $60 One for the Christmas list !

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New thread Downhill 6/2/2019 8:18 AM

How many of you guys also ride downhill?

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New thread Which fantasy Motocross?? 5/8/2019 3:30 AM

Which fantasy league is best for outdoors for fun bench racing with friends? Used the Rmfantasy for the SX which was good, wondered which is best for MX? Thanks

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New thread Is rv2 coming back? 4/1/2019 11:30 AM

Just seen a video on insta with swap moto saying what number will you run, poto answers 615 and says it’s not going to be easy, they’re alll top level athletes??

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New thread Ktm 150 power characteristics 2/23/2019 8:57 PM

I’ve owned in the past pretty much every brand of 125 except ktm and enjoy riding the small 2 strokes. I recently bought a ktm 150, I’m struggling with how it has no bottom end it’s really twitchy getting into the power in corners, is there anyway to ... more »

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New thread UK practice tracks 2/3/2019 11:14 AM

I'm looking to get some rough figures of the amount of riders per week at premier UK practice tracks, for some research that I am doing, My gut feel would be 50 riders per day, 3 times a week (wed, sat, sun) for 30 weeks of the year? Anyone have any ... more »

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