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Can any of you guys from the uk recommend someone to rebuild a 350 KTM motor, thanks in advance

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Was wondering the same

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To see the brand grow and see them line up at sx, they are great quality as people above have said, not that amazing to ride in my opinion (I’ve had 2) only 2 strokes though. I didn’t mean to do what they’ve done with their other brands and make it a ... more »

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Awsome looking bikes

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Any insight if KTM are done buying up their smaller competitors? They mention gas gas the fun brand, KTM the race brand, husky the heritage brand would be cool to see them scoop up tm racing as their special ‘handmade’ brand

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I can only find the racer x / pulp preview, do you have a link?

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Anyone know if there’s a stream of the supercross preview show from the UK tia

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What is 3fiddy? $350,000 or $3.5m?

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Lawrence Bros

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With the sad departure of FC Honda from the sport, out of interest what would Geico be paying as a title sponsor for the FC Honda team per year?

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Why is it when you drop the bike or fall off in a moto that your bars always feel bent for a few corners - half a lap before you readjust? I never been able to understand why this is!?

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Looking to get 4 stroke fully stripped down and any parts needed replaced over the winter. Any recommendations in UK (preferably in West Midlands/north west/ north Wales) who’s the best mechanic up this way. Heard nothing but horror stories from the ... more »

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My simple advice would be debt is a good thing if someone else is paying the bill (i.e debt on a house that you are renting out which covers the debt repayments and generates positive monthly cash flow) if you finance something that is depreciating you're ... more »

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Fair play to Leatt! They messaged me directly on here and asked if I’d like any further info on their braces. I’m impressed

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Thanks for the suggestions, it’s a shame due to COVID the dirt bike show here in the UK this year has been cancelled or I could’ve tried a load of them

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I have done to the best of my ability but i've had 2 recons on the left one, it's pretty good, but i find gripping the bike with my knees touch in the ultra cells, i'd love to get some custome CTI's but they're out of my price range!

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I’m in the market for some new knee braces. I’ve run the asterisk cells for a few years but find they don’t fit me the best and I find them really big and bulky to ride it. What do people see as the best these days, a lot of new ones come in since I ... more »

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This is so cool! She looks so happy and something you'll both remember forever!

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Obviously we’ve yet to see how it plays out, but can’t help but think it’d be better for the riders and possibly the series to have this new condensed timing between racing after this season ends. If they can do 7 round in 3.5 weeks, then they could ... more »

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@bikerider27 five downhill a go! I used to race Mx for years, I started downhill which I enjoy just as much if not more and have bought a Mx bike last year to have another go but ended up selling it as I thought it’s more time, effort and money for equal ... more »