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Pre moto days about 13yrs old we just rode in the woods. Gear was a helmet jeans and work boots. I was kicking over my 1984 PE175 and my pantleg caught on the kickstarter and I fell over. Bike was stuck on top of me, buddies are laughing and pick up ... more »

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It was an amazing race. Not sure how you're gonna compare RV's ride that day to his Budds performance when he didn't even win both motos. Dungey was pretty damn good at Washougal. Think 2013 was the only year he lost there

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First pic of the thread. Stanton/Bradshaw AXO as good as it gets. Thread over. I would buy that gear today in a heartbeat

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If Tomac didn't break his back before the start of the 2019 sx season Webb would have zero titles. I like to play make believe too

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INSANELY low. An active person should still be in a caloric deficit taking in 2200-2500 calories a day

Added reply in a thread RCRC.....Worth anything? 7/16/2020 6:13 PM

If it had any collectable value I would think it would need to be in the original packaging untouched

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It makes me sad you have to explain that to someone. Classic movie

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After seeing this thread I thought man I didn't know he had that many kids. I found one page saying he had just one child and another mentioning two children Gnar and Bear. That page also said he had a net worth of $500K and a yearly salary of $85K so ... more »

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Jett is only 16 you know

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Illegal fuel

Added reply in a thread ToMaCs gOnNa ToMaC 6/21/2020 4:27 PM

Ya I didn't think it was possible to be that poor a starter and still win a sx title against a solid field. Outdoors sure. You have 30+2 to overcome a bad start. Tomac is that damn good

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He's not asking $123K. I'm not totally up on everything FB but many people list items for this price. I think it's there way of saying make me an offer

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Webb was insanely good on a 250 indoors

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I mean there are all types of legends. He was a legendary fuck up so sure he was a legend.

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100% yes. The biggest risk for him is getting caught up in some first turn mess that fucks up his bike. Why not let the pack take off?

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Cool I'm not the only thinking how dumb this post was. What would be the point of a "moving block?" Tomac only has to finish 19th.

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I'm in on all the Dungey comparisons. He's like a Dungey clone imo

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Said he hung up on him and cheered for Dungey for awhile after that. Lmao

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You're right they aren't on the same level. Martin is a 2-time National Champ. All Bogle has is a regional title

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Choose the wrong tires for the main apparently LoL