Added reply in a thread Transparent Carb in Slow Motion WTF 7/1/2021 1:09 PM

1,2,3,...suck. Lol Cool video though.

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Those coated bolts do look really nice. How do you know the general amount of torque adjustment to account for because of the diff. lubricity?

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I didn't want to have to be sad thinking of 408mx today. Thanks Hammer, ha.

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Got a link on where to enter?

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Twisted and companies like them will do mapping probably...

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That was my gripe with buying my 350 this year. No owners /service manual at all. Dealer was great to work with and then when I asked how I can get a manual they just gave me a shrug.

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Exactly. Everyone championed about Webb being mentally tough for SX. Now they think Kenny should think *extra* about a guy no where near his pace?

Added reply in a thread Does anybody like seeing "Rider Gap Times" most of the time? 6/7/2021 11:50 AM

After getting back into watching moto gp this year I really see how much better the broadcast info of the racing could be for MX/SX. If we could get our sport to include onboard speeds / heart rate / fender cams (roost, I know...) etc. that would be ... more »

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What is cool about them (I've bought a set already) is how when I emailed them about sizing question they wanted my feedback as well. I mentioned I'm a taller rider and wondered about the pant length of the size I bought. In the end it was still a good ... more »

Added reply in a thread Emissions stuff, help me figure out this (and you get to rant at California, too) 5/21/2021 4:44 PM

What I've noticed about CA, living here my whole life: If it purposefully doesn't make sense and takes away from something while giving someone a cushy gov't job, it fits right in apparently... The red green sticker thing with riding dirtbikes in offroad ... more »

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Rode a '21 FC350 before buying my '21 350SX-F The bike was in map 2 when i rode it. Lots of power but a little aggressive for me and the track I was on. Suspension felt good. Since I got the ktm I've been riding it in map 1 with TC on and like it a lot. ... more »

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Trick shit. Well done on that build. Are the master cylinders for the brake and clutch brembo too?

Added bike check '21 KTM 350sx-f 5/12/2021 8:41 PM
'21 KTM 350sx-f
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"If one only rides track, I don't think braces are necessary. At least, if I rode it, I, likely, wouldn't bother. " Why would braces not be necessary for track, in your opinion? I'd say braces make more sense on track and pads for trails. I get weirded ... more »

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End of March I called over 12-13 dealers in my state plus Oregon and AZ. Found a 21 350 in the Phoenix area. Definitely was one of the last ones left.

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Is the idea still to release right before SX season kicks off?

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"I just don't like the guy" Coop is a phenomenal rider / racer and there's zero question, he just doesn't give off a personality worth being a fan of.

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RIP. Always loved to see him at the vintage races with my dad.

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Just bought a ‘21 so I’ll be interested to see how that plays out

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yeah the photo they used for that was from a '20?