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Based on this comment I'm going to guess your a young idealist with close to zero knowledge of the Canadian penal system.

Added reply in a thread Husqvarna .380 4/5/2015 10:16 AM

Hard to find a 9mm with a nicer trigger out of the box than a CZ-75 SP-01 Shadow.

Added reply in a thread Dead last to 9th 2/28/2015 10:53 AM

Stall, two crashes aside the one thing I'm surprised by is his best lap times were still 2+ seconds off the leaders.

Added reply in a thread "the Diesel","the Rivalry",the difficulty describing riders on track....... 2/8/2015 8:57 AM

You don't get to pick your own nickname.

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I went to e-mags with all my MX Subs, Street Bike subs and a few others and found I never read them and eventually let the subs lapse. Paper mags I'd likely still be receiving multiple mags per month.

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Unless there is another Plumas in Canada the closest Canadian National to Plumas Manitoba would be in Regina which is about a 5.5 hour drive.

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My experience is Industry seating is average at best in most stadiums and if you're fussy about your seat you'll need to stay with it to keep it.

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Congrats to Mookie, great ride, could someone let James know the dog wants to go out!

Added reply in a thread Bowers being Bowers...... 1/6/2015 3:19 AM

Not much locally anymore, A buddy was trying to get me out for an ice dive recently but I'll pass. Usually only dive now when we travel to a tropical land on vacation.

Added reply in a thread Bowers being Bowers...... 1/4/2015 5:53 AM

At first glance I thought it was a bit much but after seeing the replay that was a nothing bump and Zach just dumped the clutch at the wrong moment. I loved the interview as well, especially when asked what Gallagher had to say "well clearly he's not ... more »

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I used the D-ring turnbuckle setup for years before switching to the Risk racing setup, wish I had switched sooner. The only "issue" I had with the Risk setup was when we took a 250 smoker to the track we had to back it into the setup as the pipe wouldn't ... more »

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You fared better than me, I made it through 1.5 before deciding there was no content of interest.

Added reply in a thread hi-res "cornering" pic 11/7/2014 10:12 PM

These are all older but I can supply the original Hi-Res if any of them are of interest.

... more »
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The suspension work will be a negative for anyone who is not a 145 lb rider of similar riding style to the original owner.

Added reply in a thread Pic of Milville Elevation... WHOA 7/27/2014 11:16 AM

First thought when I saw that pic and the banners, Racer X Canada is back in Business!

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Regardless of circumstances previous, that right there is the move of a chickenshit coward.

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1999 engine.

Added reply in a thread JS7 the real GOAT 3/23/2014 4:16 PM

RC is the GOAT and will be until someone breaks his combined SX & MX win total.

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I figured had to be fake so I googled the first guys name + arrest and it's on a ton of different seemingly legit news sites.