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I knew we at vital were gonna decide when bubba has to hang up his boots. But I had no idea we could tell Barcia who he could train with. This should be fun!

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I was heart broke for Justin when he got that flat. He was running fourth with a nice little cushion on Reed with just a few laps to go. Mabey he needs a little more air in his tires.
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You know as much as I love this sport, I still can't get over the fact how fucking retarded we can be, We have a sport that is no dough't one of the most demanding and dangerous in any kind of racing and we have peeps waving flags on a blind sided triple ... more »

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You can get your self a 2X4 and make your own pretty easy. Seen they are nailing little carry straps to them also, or better yet be the last one to leave the track there is always a few sets still sitting at the start gate.

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You just got to get a little

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I was biting my nails all weekend as my van sat in this same hotel lot. I couldn't even see it from the window as we had a room in the back. Was good to see the guys do well on pretty much stock bikes. Hopefully they get the rest of the stuff back.

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Two 85 beginner classes down south a few weeks ago. Both class winners were jumping everything. The race ran so late they had to turn on the lights. Lots of peeps left early, including alot of first moto winners. I know its hard for these tracks to make ... more »

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According to what he just put on facebook, he will be there racing. Always a little more exciting with him out there.

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Glad i'm not the only one. Seems like we got first graders running the show at fox.

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X 51

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Why would anyone punch somebody in the helmet? And then to top it off he hurt his hand............

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A bunch of us coming down this weekend from the frozen tundra. We have been going to Texas the last few years but mother nature threw a wrench in that. Hoping to not go any further south then we have to. What tracks would you suggest? What is open during

... more »

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13-Upgrade bike with their own money (best highlight ever) I dream of this day, Haha

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Used to ride a'lot years ago. We rented a quarry pond right in town for 2 dollars a year. Had a club limited to 30 members. Fort Dodge Water Sports. Is still going to this day. I never thought I would get a sit down ski, but with family and all I ended ... more »

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Anderson and Moose can finishing 1 and 2 in points this year.

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Yea I don't get it. I would guess and say its his health. He has a problem with his blood...His body don't produce it like its supposed to.

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Happy Birthday Scottie

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I don't see much of a difference in speed. These kids have had some great races the last few years. The last one before monster cup was at millville and Chase won. The big difference is the starts. Chase is a good starter and Austin is a great starter. ... more »