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AC and Austin would of been my picks. And he will have my next 2 picks which is Jett and Ryder. I'm pretty sure the rest of the teams would love to sign any of these 4.

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Scrappers have been known to clean up the whole facility as long as they get the scrap.

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Ya this blows. Hopefully the track doesn't miss a beat. Track is great.

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That's awesome! Good to see Dawson doing well. BTW Randy, this is Tyson from the ice cream shop.......

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Local track for us also. Only been around for a few years and It just keeps getting better. Love the track and the scenery. Nice pics Rupert.

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Great news !

Started new thread Crash saves life 8/1/2019 10:04 PM Guy crashes and it ends up saving his life. Kinda cool.

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Pretty cool article Hormel did with Krista Pyburn. If toyota continues to make us suffer thru 5 min commercials, this is my contribution for A1. ... more »

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More pussification of the sport.

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Were going to Winterset tomorrow also. Should only be an hour or so drive for ya.

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Great advice bw56

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I boxed up a ktm 50 and for 120 bucks they took it from iowa to mississippi. Yellow Freight.

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Same here!

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Been at it for 20 years. Racing every damn weekend since they were 5. I think some are just ready. Although done racing, still in their blood. This sport is like crack

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I think a lot of these guys could benefit from some weight lifting. Some of these kids look to blow away with the jersey off.

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Sweet! I will be rooting for him.

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I got a 15 transit med height and med length with 80,000 miles.......16 grand. Its all set up for moto with full size bed up front with the wall in between. Only 3 hours from ya.

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I was told you had to sign a paper saying you cant bitch about motor sports to live in the community. Rode the track last winter. We were the only ones. Track was a pos. No prep what so ever,,,,,no wonder it closed.

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You guys are over thinking this. I think its all about the fact they are racing each other all week long. This is huge.

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Top 5 for me would be. Cali Florida Texas Georgia illinois