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One of my engine guys told me KTM would become a powerhouse electric brand, while Husky stays on the gas engine road. Well see !

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I thought there first mistake was sneaking dirt into the track during the night, for the Ama national. After that fiasco the city and the army corps of engineers shut down answer racing. Who wanted to bring in dirt and elevation.

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Last day riding comp edge today was bitter sweet, i normally see keefer at this track so i finally asked for a photo. The place was more packed then ive seen it in a while. My first race was at Comp edge during the Vetx days. Something about the high

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The comp edge main track is awesome. Last visit there a couple weeks ago it looked like the track was redone by a different guy. Everything was peakier, deeper, and this new double on triple out section i saw Keefer try. Its higher speed but the jumps ... more »

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Dr Tynan at UC Irvine. When he did my tibia plateau i was kinda freaking out when he showed me the 2cm depression. He looked me in the eye and said, “Dont worry, ill get the plateau as flat as possible”. His confidence in the surgery meant alot to me. ... more »

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Can you post up some pics of the intake and exhaust ports ? I have some b4 and after pics of my 17’ CRF 450. RonH cnc ported the head, and then hand finished it. Im curious what that works head looks like.

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Walked into a Temecula party, and he was sitting on the couch.

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Crankworks in AZ lightened, polished, and balanced this 06 crf250 crank for almost the price of an ignition. Was the juice worth the squeeze ? Id say so, i like how they balanced the crank to my piston. The motor ran great.

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I felt the same way with my 17’ crf450. The vortex through Twisted D changes the engine feel so much. A stock ecu re-flash, with a pipe was a minor jump compared to what i got with a vortex ecu w/ t4 fuel. The lil yellow box isnt cheap, but its magic.

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Intermediate rider, the oil always looked good to me. I did a comp test and got 55/65 psi so i took the head off to check it out. My cylinder was showing a little wear, but im gunna runnnn it. Shout out to Hansen ! Got to ride with him the other day.

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This motor has alot of compression stock, 13.5:1 idk if that is causing the top ends to wear so fast. But i just did my top end with oem parts at 45 hrs an the piston skirts were roached. Got all the parts for $300

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The Currie family owns a lot of property up there, When Casey and Brandon were racing super moto, I got to ride up there and they had a full outdoor track, supercross track built on the airplane runway, and freestyle jumps, with a airplane hanger at ... more »

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I heard Davi flaked on a couple test sessions, those arent cheap when the semi and crew comes out. Then Big b found pain pills in his locker, Davi claimed he was holding them for Hansen...

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2nd race back after a Tibia Plateau Fracture

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When i got my hinson clutch for the 17', the old man at Hinson told me HRC runs an extra 250cc of oil w/ the 8 plate kit. And i should be fine with 200cc. Been working great ever since. The new clutch seems to widen the friction zone at the lever as ... more »

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$90 for both
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I installed the 18' engine mounts on my 17' last weekend, while at the competive edge and i was impressed. I feel like it gives the bike a more forgiving feel whenever the front or rear touches the ground initially. The newer mounts are 1/2 mm thinner ... more »

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When i was in this position, i kept complaining to my family physician about motocross hurting my knees and the bike, aggravating the same inner knee area. Finally she sent me to a Prosthetics specialist, he insisted the over the shelf CTi's should be

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