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I don't think so. I went to a couple week long FCA Motocross camps when I was a kid and I don't remember many, if any injuries. I feel like with someone watching you all the time if they see you doing something that is going to get you hurt they will ... more »

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I had JM Racing re-valve and spring my suspension after riding with the stock stuff for about a year and it was amazing! I couldn't believe how much better it handled, but it shouldn't be a surprise as I am not your typical 180lbs rider. (tipping the ... more »

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From my experience a wrist heart rate monitor doesn't do a very good with fast heart rate changes. I used to run with my Garmin 235 (has a wrist HR) and used my polar chest strap that would blue tooth to the treadmill. My heart rate being tracked from ... more »

Liked a bike check SF Honda CR250 1/11/2019 4:17 AM
SF Honda CR250
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I put one of their wheel bearings on the Mrs. car about a year or so ago and haven't had any issues from it. It seemed like decent quality and for the price I could replace it twice cheaper than I could get one in town. But it was a pain in the a## to ... more »

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2011 CRF450R
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Mchonda2's Honda
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That was awesome!!! I would think a lot of work went into that one and it was well worth it.

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This is my 6x12. I am able to get two bikes in forward using the bike boots, and one in backwards with a removable wheel chock. Like others have said it fills up fast with bikes in there but I lined the cabinet so that helmets could go inside ... more »
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Looks awesome, nice job!

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I really like the idea! I haven't had a chance to read all of the responses so this may have been brought up already, but wouldn't this format help keep people from getting bumped out of their class at LL? Because of the fact that the class (1, 2, 3...) ... more »

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That was a great read! Good luck with at the races this year and can't wait for an update.

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Looks awesome so far. Can't wait to see what all you do with it.

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I'll take the red hand guards if they are still available. I will email you for paypal details. Thanks

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I love the Garage Journal. It was the source of a lot inspiration as well as many ideas in my garage. Here is a pano of my garage idk how well it turn up online. Well I can get it to load but it's sweet! :sarcasm alert

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450 1. Ryan Dungey 2. Eli Tomac 3. Cooper Webb 250 1. Christian Craig 2. Joey Savatgy 3. Alex Martin

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So how is it looking for this weekend?

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This is kind of a random question but did you call into the Pulp MX show about your build this Monday? I was listening at work and not giving it my full attention and remember someone talking about the purple shrouds. Either way I think this is a really ... more »