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I have 2 smaller ones like that in my enclosed trailer. To maintain good flow/pressure, I have something like this: ... more »

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I found fairly dramatic differences with cable routing. My cable was by no means kinked, but by moving it in front of or behind such things as rad mount bolts it straightened out the path enough to make it pull much easier.

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I signed up with my Facebook name. Which was a fake name I came up with, for the life of me I can't remember why. I changed my Facebook name to my real name years ago.

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I really liked when they got changed the rules to how they are now. The guys that finished well in that 30 B/C class at LL were "Amateurs" in their opinion I guess, but they certainly weren't in the same league as a weekend warrior VetB racer. This one ... more »

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Mad skills??????

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It sucks you only got 2 rounds, but for the track to get at least 4 full rounds in on a day with such a crappy weather forecast as Saturday had is commendable. Running these races this time of year is challenging because of the much shorter days. Combine ... more »

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The starts are so boring, they could really benefit from a big ol' quad 2/3 of the way down the straight.

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Why not get a '17? Prolly only a few bucks more each month.

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I can't recommend anyone any place near you, but I agree you'd be way better off with private lessons than in a group. I was nervous before I ever started working a trainer. I thought he would say get in better shape first, or that he only works with ... more »

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Is that U2?

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But ripping it deep is the only way a track will hold much moisture. And dust is not only annoying to spectators/neighbors it makes an already dangerous enough sport that much more dangerous. I know this wasn't a problem in the olden days, but we were ... more »

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This does make for an awesome winter MX vacation, SX on the way down and back with a week of riding all over the place down there! But yeah, for the typical fan two weeks in a row is a bit much, especially if it's a dad buying a bunch of tickets/food/etc ... more »

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Make sure you have a metric tap set on hand if you go this route, it's very easy to cross-thread bolts in aluminum until you really get used to the feel.

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Anyone have an update on #899 Kevin Uebrick? Crashed through the fence after the plunge in the final 250A moto.

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Getting them in is 10x easier than getting them out... I've done it many times with a bench vise. I use heat to take them apart, but I always press them in with everything at room temp.

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I prefer the ARC as well. I've used the Sunlines before, but they wear out faster than the ARCs (get floppy-like). Neither are fully bend-proof.

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Does anyone have a link to videos of before/after a re-valve? Sort of like Rekluse did showing lap-times and stuff. It would be cool to see some high-speed footage of before/after, lap-times, etc.

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Is your RM a 125 as well?

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I want to build something to simple that I can hang my helmet/boots/chest protector/etc. on that I can have a fan blow on them overnight to dry them out. Thinking a vertical rack with a fan on the bottom blowing up with boots upside-down above them, ... more »

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Allen wrench.