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I have one one on my 150. Works well like a FMF shorty. Sounds great, looks cool and is super light weight. Only bummer is the carbon cap can be cracked easier than metal and it’s got rivets holding it together so that make repacking more tricky.

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The TC button I believe just becomes “Map3” so if Twisted puts a Tc map there then it’s still TC. When I did my Vortex with them I didn’t want TC so they gave me a variation of another map. Yes I think launch mode is gone.

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Cage and filter are the same from 2016-2021. I use a 2018+ 2 stroke filter cage with no screen.

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The only way to clean the throttle body is to remove it from the bike. I suspect maybe something else is wrong. Maybe check the airboot is sealed correctly. Throttle cable isn’t tight or hung up on something. Maybe pinched by the gas take if you had ... more »

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Yeah I still have the bike. About 90 hours on. Yes I’ll get the new RS12 when it’s ready for the KTM. Most likely I’ll keep this bike for 2 more seasons because I don’t think they are going to change for a while. I’m hoping to wait and rebuild at 125-150

... more »
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I went with a longer chain and run it middle to back of the swingarm

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Do you have any black or orange 52T?

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A spring too stiff will feel harsher in small bumps and feel high in the stroke. A soft spring you might bottom out or sit low in the stroke.

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I chipped a tooth in 2nd or 3rd. I replaced both with updated part numbers. That was my first full engine rebuild. I got 100 hours of the bike then rebuilt it again and made it a 150. It’s more of an off road bike now for the winter. Super fun set up! ... more »

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2016 did have a transmission gear issue, but still a great bike. The carb on this year is very good! The biggest upgrade is a JD jet kit and spring forks. I've rebuilt my bike twice at 100 hours. I always do pistons at 25, could probably do more, but ... more »

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These can go bad, maybe it got wet during washing. The race teams have these bypassed, I don't think they are reliable in extreme situations.

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So Cal you can ride or surf everyday. I really enjoy the winters here.

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+1 on Enzo shin stack. Made the forks much more plush on small bumps. Enzo gave me the best fork setting I’ve tried.

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2015.5-2018 250sxf and 350sxf share the same pipe and muffler. 2019,20,21 250sxf and 350sxf share the same pipe and muffler. Hope that helps!

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Yes it the same shock

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So sad to hear. Someone told me on Saturday when I was up there. I guess it happened on Friday.

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I don’t think the RMZ sucks, it’s just not as good as the rest of the bikes out of the box. Engine isn’t that bad. I’d do a Vortex ECU from Twisted, Yoshimura full system and VPT4 fuel. Then I’d spend the rest of my money working on the suspension. A ... more »

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You can sand the pads down with sandpaper on a flat surface.

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Can you post a video to YouTube or Vimeo with the noise?

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I stripped a few threads on the same bolt on my KTM 150. I actually found a bolt that was just a little bit longer and it worked fine. Torqued and has held in place.