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Turn the powerValve all the way out, counterclockwise and it will stop, it won’t fall out. From that point you turn it in for your adjusted setting. To get a better feel I’d like to do a lap or two and bring the tool to the track do a full turn in or ... more »

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The bikes are Powdercoat’s from the factory. I always use Powdercoat on my Ktm’s

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There is a cone valve air fork that is an aftermarket fork. They are different from your stock WP AER air fork.

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The vortex has way more points to tune to than stock. An engine tuner can give you maps for your spec. Some people feel a major change but some don’t. I’d say it depends on how sensitive you are to tuning.

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Are you in the right map on the EcU with the 10x dial? I’d call Twisted for on Monday AM and I’m sure they can point you in the right direction.

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Talon carbon hubs maybe? Kite? Dubya will have them. Not going to be cheap though....

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That looks more like power coat cracking. If you are worried, you can use paint remover and see how deep it goes?

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I use Risk racing for the last 4 or 5 years. I bolt through the floor. Washer and nuts under the van so it can’t pull through.

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Lake Elsinore, State Fair and Fox Raceway all have mini tracks.

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+1. I've done mine like this and no issues.

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I know fast test riders in so cal who have done 100+ hours on KTM 450 and the pistons came out like new. I’m sure vet rider could easy go 150 or 200 if they take care of the bike. I have 90 on my 2019 350 and plan go to 150. I haven’t checked the valves ... more »

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I saw someone tag him at Day In The Dirt today at GH.

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I think the Vortex from Twisted Development addresses issues of throttle crispness, ride ability and reduced engine braking. If you haven’t read the earlier posts, I’ve also done the 2 stroke filter cage and vent airbox side panel. I would definitely ... more »


It’s farther towards LA / Santa Monica but DISC Sports and Spine has a partnership with RedBull and works on all their athletes. They did my shoulder and 2 other friends. I’ve seen Robbie Madison there, Bereman and pro snow/skate guys. I used Dr Bulczynski, ... more »

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If I were going to spend the money on a Vortex, it’s way more worth the money to get one that’s been tuned and test from Twister Development or XPR motorsports. I wouldn’t even consider a off the shelf one IMO.

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Yes, they are all good gains but it’s not going to transform the bike. They will be noticeable.

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LitPro is very detailed. I’ve been using it for years. Makes riding the track more fun!

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On the forks they are pretty much the same internally. Just color options. On the shock, I do think the super trax is a better shock. More adjustable, you can essentially turn on and off the “trax” (aka High speed rebound) but like I mentioned last weekend ... more »

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You can hit up Moto Whips. They can plug the sight glass with a welded aluminum plug like the race teams.