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I heard the water main was fixed yesterday(Thursday) and track is now open today(Friday)

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If you are in So Cal, I use Enzo and it's the best setting to date that I've ridden, they can remove the cone and give you a shim stack for more of a KYB/YZ fork feel(which is what I went for. I only hear great things about REP and PowerBand as well, ... more »

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The whole set up looks super good! Drooling over the bikes 🔥🔥🔥🔥

jcabrera24 left a comment 2/7/2021 10:31 PM

anyone selling an fmf slip on or full system for a 19 ktm 350sxf and looking for a vortex ecu as well

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I’m almost 100 hours on my 19 350 haven’t checked the valves. If you keep the air filters clean, air box clean and oil fresh, they are unreal!

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Here’s 10 pages of mods I did to my 350,46/2019-KTM-350-SXF-Build-The-Start,1348229

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Try new pads like Galfer sinter. Your pads might be contaminated, or rotor needs to be cleaned. They should be more powerful than that.

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+1 on Will and Craig’s settings!

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I had a 19 Honda 250 with Vortex by XPR motorsports, removed backfire screen and Yoshimura full exhaust. Great feel and power gain.

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I've replaced the rod that goes from the slave to the clutch and that helped. Your plates are installed the right way? They are a pain to bleed so don't beat yourself up about that part.

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I like Galfer oversized floating rotor for the front. Stock rear.

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Classic! The video is funnier than the first time on the podcast.

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Twisted all day. The only other shop I’d trust is XPR.

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These guys specialize in Ohlins

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Try and countersink the holes more then put some gorilla tape over the screw

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If you get a 2019-21 KTM you’ll feel more comfortable ergonomically going from bike to bike. My vote is go KTM 150.

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Yeah normal service intervals. I need to get mine done soon. I’m at 30-40 hours on my set. No problems yet.

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Turn the powerValve all the way out, counterclockwise and it will stop, it won’t fall out. From that point you turn it in for your adjusted setting. To get a better feel I’d like to do a lap or two and bring the tool to the track do a full turn in or ... more »

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The bikes are Powdercoat’s from the factory. I always use Powdercoat on my Ktm’s

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There is a cone valve air fork that is an aftermarket fork. They are different from your stock WP AER air fork.