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Disconnect kill switch. Check to see if you’re getting spark. Try a different fuel tank. Make sure grounds are solid connected. Check fuse.

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That sounds like a normal YZ. I think it's just your exhaust is blown out. Repack or replace it. I didn't hear anything from the engine thats weird.

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I heard MotoSport in Hillsboro OR sold more bikes the last 3 months than they ever have in a year combined. I also noticed way more new riders at tracks.

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I did piston and rings at 35 because we did some head mods at the same time. Everything running fine now at 60hrs(Total). My buddy did a piston at 50 for regular maintenance and all is running well.

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Disconnect the kill switch and see if that helps.

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Get off-road valving for your suspension. It was the best thing I’ve done for converting my bike to offroad. Game changer.

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You know everyone has a different feel but my personal favorite is the Cone Valve forks but Enzo removing the cone and adding a shim stack. It’s been the best fork I’ve ridden on a KTM. I think it’s a mixture between fork tubes, lugs and valving.

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You can add a switch like this if you want on the fly changes.

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I was at Washougal practice on Sunday and they said they were still looking to run the National at some point in August. They also said the real 125 Dream Race is on August 28-30th. Take that for what it is...

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How many hours? Maybe try and change the inline fuel filter. Try and turn the idle up 1/8-1/4 turn. Sometimes that cleans it up.

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Is the ECU plugged in? Did you try the choke? Pushing it in is ON for starting. Pulling out is for running. Opposite of old school carbs. I wonder if the dealer activated the ECU. Any paper towel behind the air filter?

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I’ve never changed the race and used a Ride clamp on my 2012 KtM. Now using X trig on 2019 KTM and using stock race as well.

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Hey, yeah. I forgot to report back! So with my offroad setting: 150 kit 18in rear wheel XC tank Offroad valving in WP Cone Valves by Enzo Fly wheel weight Green power valve spring RK Tek Hess insert C12/91 at 50:1 It’s a completely different bike! We

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They should be similar cost for general service. Costs could be different depending on if you break a part. But I don’t see there being a major difference. I’d ask your suspension shop for a better idea.

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Yeah that is sketchy. I’d tell that guy what happened and show him my routing. I got my bike direct from the Honda media testing team. I’d trust this set up. Lucky you guys are both ok.

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Oh yours broke on the battery side!? Definitely make sure the battery does not move at all. Use foam to lock it into place. I’ve upgraded my battery and using the 2020 battery tray that’s lower. But this is how it’s routed. Yours looks opposite to mine

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A Star Bionic brace. Size M. Not sure on the age, I’m selling this stuff for my friend. Decent condition. Looks like it was only used a few times. No marks or anything. Comes with bag, adjustment pieces and instructions

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Dang, that insert cuts out 10db. That’s pretty good!

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I’ve done the videos for VitalMX shootout in the past as well as participate in them. There is a mix of riders speeds and non biased. The results are an average over the range of the group. Some years it’s clear cut winner, some years you can take different ... more »

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Nice build, crazy deal with dying the tank. I’ve never seen that before!