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Steel band it shut. Provides an anti-tamper proof seal as well. Insure the hell out of it.

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The Dungey deal was stamped after the the Marvin / Webb deal was revealed, which was at the end of SX. Ryan and Tony didn't bump Marvin.

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I like hard racing to a certain extent, but T-boning a guy while on probation, Barcia should of got the black flag and been disqualified. There is no consistency with the AMA. Rubbing is racing until you go too far and can possibly injure the other rider.

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As someone who's suffered from tbi/concussion effects for years now, I completely understand and respect his decision.

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Agree if he would have said falss nutrol then we'd have to question the grammar. That said, i was always under the impression that the term false neutral referred to when a rider is stuck between 2 gears(e.g. 3rd & 4th).

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You are only speaking for yourself.

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A time Machine.

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It is a Felony.

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I don't feel RV dominated the conversation at all. I thought it was a good balance. RD is who he is, and RV is who he is. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I enjoyed Ping much more than I expected to. He was a great interviewer and moderator.

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The audio isn't that bad. I just finished it. What a great interview. Both Ryan's were very engaging and Mr. Ping, you did a great job. I really didn't expect it to be that good. Thanks for the show, and we the listener's and fans should admire you for ... more »

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It just means that there's gonna be a lot of clicking.......

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Your "Liberty" can actually kill someone you don't even know. The greatest generation suffered for their country, yet you can't wear a stupid mask and get a simple vax. So much for being a "Real Patriot". You're just being selfish so you can be part ... more »

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You don't live here. Half our road dept. in our little town has Delta. All non-vaxxers. Shits real, of course the anti's are going to tell you everything's great, right up until they get their breathing tube put in.

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As usual, Ping has to show his political ass. Just can't leave it alone can you? Follow a fellow member Boomslang on his journey with Covid. Healthy young guy, his whole family got Covid, he was on a ventilator. I've noticed all the Covid naysayers on Vital are absent. Crickets. Good, this shit is real, you are a so called professional, people look up to you, and yet you push the fake conspiracy lies of you great ex leader. Dude, just leave that shit at home, not here. It's getting old..your butthurt is showing due to your disappointment in the election results. The majority of people just disagreed with your choice. You get another chance in 2024, only with a different candidate. Let it go.

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As much as I don't really like the ManChild, give him time, he's been through a lot. He's getting better each week.

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Waivers are a joke. Useless, worthless. As a former experimental aircraft company owner, my attorney can attest, they are just a tiny speed bump in the litigation process. These questions about safety just about answer themselves with a little thought ... more »

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I have not heard why Philthy DNS'd both motos today? Did he get hurt? Something else?

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Just Maybe Lumpy is just telling the truth, he ain't seen the guy's order.......

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My speculation is that for people with shorter necks, you, me, etc.; neck braces don't work. I don't have a lot of mobility in my neck anyway and a brace wouldn't work for me. If I had a stork-like neck like Marvin's I'd probably be wearing one. As for knee...more

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Hilarious. Actually, I have a BA in Economics! If you read my comment, I didn't say the companies' products were perfect or that they're "correct in their safety claims? No." What I did say, which is generally true, is that they employ engineers and physics...more