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Raceway Park, NJ. JLaw was in supermini class. Duel gate drop with open A. Open A class goes first, Supermini goes 2nd. JLaw caught Damien Plotts for the Open A class lead. (Damien Plotts scored points in the AMA nationals for reference sake)

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^^ underrated post ^^

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The amount of hardware in his face, and the fact that he is alive, let alone back to riding for fun again blows my mind! Proud of my cousin in this interview with GuyB,6546

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Matty, yes Sir!

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CampBro! That's your cousin, right?

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In summary: He sent it, and the knee gave out.

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This thread is a good leg day inspiration for all of you who skip leg day Bro.

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Hill is going to do well this summer. I believe Bros!

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It seemed "light" in attendance this year compared to years prior. My kid, myself, and my extended family had an awesome time this year Bros!

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GuyB, Sent you some instagram DM's, and a Vital PM. Looking to link you up with my cousin who did the facial scans for Weston Peick. He has something very cool to share with industry folks at Metlife this weekend. He is based at the JGR rig today and ... more »

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Good vibes, and prayers to anyone who struggles with addiction. It is brutal to the family/friends of the addict. The thoughts that go through the addicts head each and everyday while caught in the grip are most likely very dark, and morbid/suicidal, ... more »

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Bro, start weight training seriously, and stop slipping your clutch Bro.

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Good Job, AnthonySR!

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All i know is the mxgp game i bought my son for Christmas is absolutely horrendous.

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How does Coty Schock #319 on a Yamaha look?

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Northeast kid Coty Schock is out there on a #319 YZ250. How's he looking?

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Sup Bros, checking in to see if Nerd is here weight training seriously yet?

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Some people know through their own experiences that pain meds mess them up(addiction, constipation, withdrawals, etc..). Therefore they go the ice, ibuprofen, cbd, thc routes instead. Being hooked on pain meds sucks bro.

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$500 boots, and you cut them? That doesn't sound good Bro. What part of the boot are people making these cuts on?