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Reply to Fox X Supreme 5/22/2018 2:35 AM

You wanna be line buddies and wait for 3 days with me? what the fuckkkkk

Reply to dirty rider of 2018 5/22/2018 2:33 AM

lets get benny some blinkers ya?

Reply to Justin Hill 5/22/2018 2:32 AM

Said the same thing a few months ago then he made take it all back. Kid is a killer and it won't be long till you choose to delete this thread. 2 rounds tops

New thread Holeshot Devices? 5/22/2018 2:19 AM

Anyone know why recently there seems to be a lot of malfunctions happening? Reed, Cairolli and now Forkner? Anyone have any insight or thoughts on this?

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New thread saw so much sh!t 5/19/2018 11:23 PM

that would make you vitards cum your pants in Vegas, if you're just a spectator fan like me, shit I cant say cause these dudes were so cool an accommodating but ill say this, I had the time of my effin life partying with childhood and current heroes.

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Reply to Villopoto signed gloves 5/12/2018 1:56 PM

One day I may sell the autographed transworld cover but not until I’ve bragged about it on my wall enough. Here’s proof he signed it

Reply to Post Your Favorite Photo of the Day 5/12/2018 5:37 AM

Me on the left. Got to crash in Rynos suite for my birthday.

Reply to Villopoto signed gloves 5/12/2018 5:27 AM

Who said those gloves are for sell I wear em when I watch TV.

Reply to Villopoto signed gloves 5/11/2018 8:14 AM

Reply to Villopoto signed gloves 5/11/2018 8:11 AM

I have unsigned gloves Osborne Clinched the Championship in.

Reply to Who was the one person you raced with ... 5/11/2018 8:09 AM

Same. I remember how mad I was when his chubby little ass whooped me at Loretta’s like 14 years ago...

New thread You'll Either Love this or hate me even more 5/11/2018 2:41 AM

I had the opportunity to meet DB125 and well alcohol

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Reply to Jason post-race 5/6/2018 11:08 PM

Yeah I hung around the the husky pit after for well over an hour, Saw Zach celebrating, but only saw Jasons Mechanic roll back in and Rev it out for him.

Reply to Anderson bonus $? 5/6/2018 5:41 PM

Idk I think he may have blown it already. I saw him passed out 2pm the next day on the penny

Reply to Vegas Ticket 5/5/2018 12:31 AM

CF20 is the man. Ticket in hand. See y’all tomorrow!

Reply to Vegas Roll call 5/4/2018 10:44 PM

Well this guy is here. Didn’t get a room so I’m wandering the city if anyone wants to join hahaha 5JakeWeimer 956 05JustinBarcia To text or call

Reply to Vegas Ticket 5/4/2018 4:40 PM

Literally couldn't have worked out any better. I don't care what they say about this place, It's a pretty awesome community here.

Reply to Vegas Roll call 5/4/2018 4:03 PM

Where do you guys recommend going to be a fanboy and stalk the riders? Or possibly even party with after???!

Reply to Vegas Roll call 5/4/2018 3:58 PM

Nice, You gonne be there too? I'm looking for some friends to make since I'm flying out alone last minute

Reply to Vegas Roll call 5/4/2018 2:47 PM

WOOOT WOOOT Just pulled some financial magic and will be flying out to Vegas in 4 hours. anyone who wants to hang @camcour on insta or Im flying out by my self for my birthday, so if anyone else needs a moto pal, Im your guy!