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Reply to Yamahas "problem" in MXGP 6/21/2019 12:50 AM

What's your point? How many world titles does Anstie have? He still thinks he's a better rider than anyone out there but year after year he dissapoints. Can't disagree with that.

Reply to MXGP of Germany - June 22-23 6/21/2019 12:48 AM

Curious if Moosdijk can do it here too in EMX250. If Forato has shitty starts again (because of his weight???) he 'll have nothing for Moosdijk (and Rubini) I guess

Reply to Yamahas "problem" in MXGP 6/20/2019 2:38 AM

I think it not a good idea for Kawasaki to take two older riders (Desalle and Tonus) I'd stick with Lieber... Tonus to KTM, next to Herlings? I don't think so. And Anstie is actually showing exactly what I expected from him. Did he ever have a 'steady' ... more »

Reply to List of Herlings' Injuries 6/19/2019 3:29 AM

He was just a kid then, they should have never let him race that 85 while leading the championship and knowing he's allways going balls out. But hey, it was Everts own litlle party... And I'm the last one to say it is ALL bad luck, I just said he had ... more »

Reply to List of Herlings' Injuries 6/19/2019 2:21 AM

Yeah he did. Look at it closely, you can see his leg being pushed down by Jasikonis front wheel. Came it pretty hard.

Reply to List of Herlings' Injuries 6/19/2019 1:19 AM

To say he's made out of glass, is going too far I think. Yes he had quite a few bones broken but which pro racer didn't have injuries? He had his fair share of bad luck too. That 85 incident was just crazy. Everts (his teammanager) should have never ... more »

Reply to Yamahas "problem" in MXGP 6/18/2019 6:53 AM

Bogers, just like Vlaanderen, was under contract at HSF KTM when they stopped that team all of a sudden. HSF then became a (big) sponsor at HRC but only if they took over the contracts of Bogers and Vlaanderen. That's how he and Vlaanderen got there. ... more »

Reply to Herlings out, again :-( 6/17/2019 7:43 AM

Bunch of experts here. What;s the use of riding slowly in the sighting lap? You have to know how the track has changed, how bad it is after the MX2 race. It is a silly crash but don't come talking like he was pushing and taking risks. Just bad luck.

Reply to MXGP of Russia - June 8-9 6/7/2019 3:06 AM

Yeah cause it is a shitty track to pass. Both Herlings and Cairoli were faster in race 1, which Desalle won. But Cairoli couldn't pass Desalle who took the holeshot and Herlings couldn't pass Cairoli. Looked like there was a three way battle if you see ... more »

Reply to MXGP of Russia - June 8-9 6/7/2019 12:08 AM

I think 5-10 IF he has armpump, if not probably 3rd place. Don't see who could keep up with him besides Tony and Gajser, if the armpump stays away

Reply to Herlings sending a message 5/31/2019 1:36 AM

Obviously never raced yourself, let alone had to come back after a serious injury. No one ever, not Everts, not Carmichael, not Bubba, not Cairoli can comeback after 5 months of injury and be racefit. You're high dude.

Reply to Herlings sending a message 5/31/2019 12:40 AM

Herlings was out for 5 months, comes back racing and is 2 seconds faster in qualifying than the 2nd guy and wins the first race and still people have something to say because he didn't win race 2 too. He lead that race as well, but had huge armpump, ... more »

Reply to MXGP of France - May 25-26 5/27/2019 5:18 AM

Yeah saw that. Jumped a bit to far and didn't try it anymore as far as I could see. Was an insane jump

Reply to Missing Marc de Reuver 5/24/2019 2:33 AM

Yeah Marc was the big guy in The Netherlands untill Jeffrey Herlings came around and did everything right that Marc didn't.... All of a sudden all the attention went to the little kid while Marc's career went down the drain pretty fast from there. That's ... more »

Reply to MXGP of Portugal - May 18-19 5/21/2019 12:05 AM

LOL, that's 1 way to say it. I'd say The daughter of F&H Kawa boss Harry, Nathaly had a relation with quite a few riders, Herbreteau was 1 of them, now it's Pootjes.

Reply to MXGP of Portugal - May 18-19 5/20/2019 5:28 AM

Well he did more than that. Not just good, 2nd race was better than his regular GP riding teammate Sterry did all season. Moosdijk really opened some eyes in Portugal.

Reply to Goggle Lane in MXGP- From Racerhead 5/17/2019 4:38 AM

I think it is a pretty good idea actually. Even now you see riders stop during races to get a new goggle. Making it easier and faster to change wil make it better (and safer) for the riders.

Reply to MXGP of Portugal - May 18-19 5/17/2019 4:35 AM

Well, to give it a swing in an other direction. Youngster Roan van de Moosdijk will line up in Portugal for the F&H Kawasaki squad. Kid rides European for the team but has the speed to do good in the GP's I think

Reply to MXGP of Portugal - May 18-19 5/16/2019 2:56 AM

He has been riding for almost 2 weeks now. This is just the first time he posted something about it himself. There was already a video of him riding from the first weekend of may. I think he'll ride in Agueda

Reply to MXGP of Portugal - May 18-19 5/16/2019 2:38 AM

They added him to the entry list and this pic he posted himself on instagram