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The Dutch national television NOS will shows all 3 races for free on their website. Only thing is you can only see it if you are in The Netherlands. I know there are programms which can make it look like you are in an other country. I think Hola for ... more »

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Alot of nice tarmac where you can smash your 6D or Arai on. One little mistake could get disastrous

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LMAO if you don't know who Hofer is, you don't know sh!t about the GP's

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I am very curious which club that is. I heard from people from Gouda, the track very close to where F&H is that he doesn't do shit for that club. They also never train there although it's only 10 minutes from the FH shop and he doesn't sponsor or ... more »

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Oh and Renaux is almost 3 year younger than Pootjes and already shown this year more than Pootjes did in the last 5 seasons

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Your kidding right? Pootjes has had 5 years to prove himself and the only thing he proved that he can be quiet fast sometimes (5-10th place) but most of all that he's is always getting injured, year in year out. I'd choose Renaux over Pootjes without ... more »

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France won, so they get to run number 1 (and 2 &3)

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Now that my friend is the big problem. If people start using umbrellas in the grandstands it is gonna be a mess. I already saw people fighting last year just because a few guys stood a couple of seconds in front of a some sitting people. I am staying ... more »

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You are absolutely right. Imagine what happens when people will use umbrellas on the grandstand when it starts raining.... And yes, it will rain alot this weekend. I'm staying home this year....

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On the only grandstand where you can sit dry when it rains, you can only see a little part of the track. That use to be better. Now most people will have to sit in the rain. It will be really chaotic cause on most places you can't see shit and there

... more »
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Track is completely different now. I'll see if I can find the new layout.

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What about Haarup?

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Yeah Hofer will take Prado's spot, can't miss. What about F&H Kawasaki, who wil be their 2nd (and 3rd?) rider? Heard something about Boisrame

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Considering Watson being superfit and used to long races, why don't they let him ride the open class and Simpson MXGP? Doesn't make sense to me

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I hope he does well too, he's a nice guy and the Brits have had enough bad luck the last years at the Nations

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I am a Nathan Watson-fan, but you can't compare Le Touqet (and those other beachraces) to the Nations in Assen. Le Touqet is an 3 hour during enduro race, in Assen you need to go full throttle for about 35 minutes against guys like Herlings, Prado and ... more »

Reply to Herlings vs Justin Cooper in Europe (video) 9/23/2019 12:16 AM

Yeah because there are a 1000 times more riders racing motocross than there are racing Supercross...

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On instagram Kevin is argueing with one of the JWR sponsors, really pathetic. This guy claims Strijbos was changing things about the bike which made it break down. Strijbos replies he should tell the truth and so on... ... more »

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GFY Coldenhoff is the one who started the season injured, after a very heavy crash where he ended up with a serious backinjury. The last GP's he has been beating the world champ Gajser, who is top fit and guys like Paulin, Seewer and so on. How the the ... more »