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I got a ring pop out of the quarter machine!? No deal?

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Who is the one thats in fantasy land!? Metty probably will bring in a solid 250K winning the championship this year on top of his 150. Just a guess. I would love to see Metty stay in America... Not happening though.

Added reply in a thread tyler bereman 8/18/2013 8:53 PM

Grew up in the same area as RK. Tyler is a cool kid! he has a lot of great supporters and alot of talent on a bike. I love to see the kid on the bike. He just enjoys being on the bike whether he is on the hills or ripping the track. Keep up the hard ... more »

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Glad you guys got to race! a few years ago they would have let that gate run with 38 guys.... Glad they are making changes to benefit privateers!

Started new thread Consolation Alternates? 6/24/2013 11:29 AM

So I happened to notice that Roman and Richardson who got 5th and 6th in the Consi, raced both of the 250 motos(and did very well at that). I thought they only took 4 though. Are they keeping alternates or did something happen that allowed these 2 to ... more »

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Someone please get this guy credentials to shoot inside the fences...

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That middle photo is pretty awesome! I wonder who took that one! : )

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NONE? I do believe Garrison was a consistant top 15 a few years ago outdoors when he was on Ty Davis Yamahas; with a best overall of 9th. Just saying.

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Not while they are on live TV. During every riders meeting they inform everyone that if the race is televised live; there is simply no holding of the gate for any reason. All riders know that by now. With all the different gear/helmet combos these guys ... more »

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its the same guy too... I had the "pleasure" of talking to him at Elsinore... Well more like he talked and I tried to ignore him. All tallk... Very doubtful they will become anything unless he puts up aloooootttt of money.

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Those boys over at Eleven10 work their asses off! Huge props to them! As for Martin, rumor has it he loves being at Eleven10 because he doesnt have that pressure of a Need-to-perform ride. Alex is good kid with a great family supporting him including ... more »

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You do know Kevin grew up racing all over Nor-Cal doing the AMP series and stuff right? Marysville is old stomping grounds for him. He grew up racing with Sani, McCrummen, Sherman, Blevins, McDaniel, etc. Congratulations Rookie! I love seeing local(ish) ... more »

Added a comment about feature Free Goggles From 100%! 8/8/2012 6:39 PM

Congrats on the first Loretta Lynn's title for 100% with their rider Troy Graffunder in dramatic fashion in the last race at the ranch!

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Hey guys, I might possibly be moving to the Anaheim area for a job opportunity in La Mirada. I am currently looking for a room for rent. If anyone has a room, and a garage I can store my bike I would love to hear from you. Please email me at ... more »

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Thats sketch! What day was that Slip? I almost went out there on Saturday...

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Added a comment about photo Bobby Garrison 4/25/2012 5:40 PM

I believe BobbyG has a few top 10's a couple years back (07) if I am not mistaken. I'm pretty sure I was with him at the time too. Good luck to Bobby and his future wife Alyssa in whichever avenue he chooses! Natural talent!

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In my opinion they were both going for the same line... DD just came out with the better end of the stick. Part of racing...

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Been a DA fan since that year! I traveled and shot quite a few nationals that year! Very presentable and professional rider. From what I can tell he is there to race his dirtbike and do what he loves! Definately going to support the cause!

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No its official. If you cant prove right there that the motor is stock you are disqualified. I am correct on this right? As for the stock class, a lot of us have been through the BS of the stock class... I agree with allowing internal suspension since ... more »

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I met Justin at A! through a mutual friend. He is such a nice guy! Really cool person and very friendly. He is currently doing the Broc Hepler and living a normal mans life. Hes managing a warehouse for his father in the LA area. Still rides for fun. ... more »