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Anybody wear seven gear? Thinking about ordering a couple sets, but its expensive and if i do i want it to last more than a couple rides (worried about the durability)

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Ready to upgrade my boots but im worried about spending $500 on a pair of boots that are going to last me a year. Alpinestars: no concerns, other than stiffness Gearne: if i dont have wide feet are they still a good buy? Fox: are the foxes too soft to ... more »

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Anybody tried the leatt carbon pro braces? Seemed like they would be comfortable and not shred pants, because the hinge on the brace is only on the outside. I havent purchased any or tried any, but might be cool to check out (theyre also on sale right ... more »

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I bought a pair last year. Theyre okay, but im upgrading. I agree though, overall a good entry level boot. I worry about how great the protection is though

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I'm looking into neck braces too. Never owned one, went in today to get sized. Seems like they're roughly the same price (about 300) and the top brands seem to be least, alpinestars and atlas. Any thoughts?

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Picked up the 2019 yzf250 today! Super stoked!

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Meaning info released about the yz250f? Or did I miss something? I hear honda has a huge recall (related to the clutch?) which is unfortunate

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So it probably wouldn't be worth snagging a 2019?

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Hey all, I didnt see a recent thread on this but if I'm repeating a question then apologies in advance. After about 10 years away from the sport I bought a used modified 2016 YZ250F last year and wish I just got a stock one, so I'm going to now. I'm ... more »

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