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Love the twin walls, thats all I run now.

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Doug Henry is the baddest man to ever throw a leg over a bike, even when he should not be throwing a leg over one.

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Newmann will never give up the number 13. He has been running that number forever, hell even before Tortelli.

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If you want a 125 that turns start looking for an RM 125 that thing will cut under any bike out on the track. I like my brothers KTM 144 but damn my RM can pretty much cut under that bike with just a flip of the switch. Just waiting to get the 144 kit ... more »

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Are you in line to get a 1/8 ton 2010 YZ450F?

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Here is my PV racer, the most fun I have ever had has been on this thing.

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His lap times will be even faster when the 250F decides to weld a valve on top of the piston. At the same time will take quite the load off of your wallet.

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From what I saw he was just showing off Thor's 2011 line up of gear.

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Have you ever had to rebuild a four stroke motor before? Im sure 2 grand on a four banger is significantly more expensive then $600.00 on a top end for a two smoker, give or take a clutch here and there.

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Last time I wanted to sell my four stroke it was about to blow up. $2,000.00 later I still have it. It is now the back up bike.

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They use the thin womens head bands sold a your nerest Wal-mart, they come in several different colors, as well as pink for all the bro's out there.

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So when is TAPOUT going to get in the market of motoR cross gear. What happened to all of the clean designs? Now it looks like a damn clown puked all over Dungey.

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So you weren't his fan when he rode for Yamaha of Troy?

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And here is like side by side comparison of the plugs; R6918B-7 Racing Plug, 14mm Thread, 19mm (3/4") Reach, 13/16" (20.6mm) Hex Size, Gasket Seat, Resistor, Solid Terminal, Platinum Tipped Fine Wire Center Electrode, Angled Ground Electrode, .024" (0.61") ... more »

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The one stated for you bike is an R6918B-8 here is the info on what it all means; [LINK TO IMAGE] Compare it to an BR8EIX

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So what all kind of prices have the dealers been telling you will be paying for one of the over weight ticking time bombs. Also good luck getting one before Dec. Basing off MSRP being eight grand this must be a must have for item for all of those upcoming ... more »

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Congrats to Blose met him in Vegas at the supercross after party cool guy, talked a little bit then he moved on. Really can't beleive that TLD didn't resign him of 2010, he was one of the better riders on that team other than Moss. When was the last ... more »

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I just picked up an 05 RM 125, I am a semi fast B rider and tip the scales at 170. With a pipe filter, 2 teeth up on the rear sprockt and V force set up the bike rips, just have to work a little more to get over the big stuff coming out of tight corners. ... more »

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If thats the case, my local Yamaha dealership still has an 08 YZ450 and yes they still want retail for it, so I see it sitting here through oh 10 as well.

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Not really a works bike but still looks freaking sweet. Still runs like champ too. [LINK TO IMAGE]