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1980 CR 125, making moto fun again!!

Bobby Hedge photo for the win!
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I have a set of carbon frame guards PM me and I’ll get you pics and details.

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Really sdg seats look like shit, mine fits great and looks good! LOL your an idiot OEM prices are high all the way across the board just depends on where you go to get them, local Honda dealer will try to sell a bolt for $10 when online it’s $1!

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Went out to Desoto for the vintage race 100% chance of had me skeptical, but it held out track was great and racing was fun!

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You forgot to add in that freakin Tickle and Grant made it a whole season. Jesus at least they could have in career mode gave you an option of using illicit substances baring you filling out a TUE and the option to hold out from selecting a sponsor until ... more »

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Reach out to Randy with he is heavily involved with moto as well, he got me a pair of the 100% Accuri’s (spelling?) the first ride felt a little weird after that I am used to them now. Tried contacts they weren’t for me moved and made my eyes ... more »

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Can you divulge any details on said acerbis sponsorship, I’ll be riding the +30 beginner class this year and need lots of sponsors for my real fast rm un2five, similar to the one Brake Bagget rodes!!! Honestly though with graphics the kit looks good ... more »

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Sign me up I’ll take 2!!!!

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Love my Tacoma, keep saying I want a new truck but like mine way to much, 07 model just clicked 110,000 miles no major issues other then routine maintenance.

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Jesus slow down not sure if I can handle two just yet, I respect my dad way more now then ever before. Not sure how he managed to keep multiple bikes going and work 50-60 plus hours a week then go ride/race on the weekends, then do it all over again ... more »

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You blink and they turn 2, never really had perspective on time until H came around. Didn’t really want her around bikes but every time she’s out in the garage she heads straight for them.

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Loaded mine up to go ride tomorrow!!!!

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I have an 85 RM 125 If your interested.

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I’m 5’6” on a good day 2-stroke 125 will be perfect, if needed lower it temporarily then raise it back up later. Buy a used one and support the industry and learn basic mechanical skills in the process.

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Thought Yamaha already had a place/distribution center in Kennesaw, Georgia?

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If you’ve been anywhere in Louisiana, you know!!!

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Check your PM’s on the shock.

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Always have a case knife on me, and a good pen. People always laugh but don’t mind asking when it’s needed. Got way off into collecting them, they have some super fancy ones, but the one I normally carry has a pocket clip with a stainless blade.

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Seriously? How did Bogle's season go this year? If that is the case they should stack the team with Bogle, Grant and Wilson, maybe combined they could make it 1 whole indoor and outdoor season.

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The closest would be EX02, a lot of the fuel comes from the same place, just different additives. Check the link below and cross reference specs to U4.4. Sunoco Race Fuel Lines & Specs.