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Put an end box at the front of my box trailer, stocked it with some harbor freight tools, if the come up missing ohh well.

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I picked up a 6x12 Pace with the mind set of hauling 4 bikes, a lot of people said it could not be done but it works. Also loaded down my Toyota Tacoma struggles some, but have used my dads TRD Pro Tundra and you can’t even tell it’s back there.

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PM sent.

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Got any pics of it?

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Following this one just got mine to a slightly finished stage, not as high end of a trailer as yours but fit my budget. Started with a pace 6x12 wanted to fit 4 bikes, was told I could not do it but did!

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Fusion 1 pipe repair, took a stock beat to hell 1980 model cr 125 pipe and made it look amazing.

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Love my 100%’s from pro-vue first time on felt a little different, but after a second or two best thing ever! Tried contacts and have heard a few horror story’s on lasik, plus Randy the owner is a huge moto fan, plus with the mirror lenses no one can ... more »

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Back in the day I worked at local motorcycle dealer and a customer was buying some bottles of motor oil and asked the service manager at the time since the bottle had dust on it if it was still any good? He quickly replied in his very dry monotoned voice, ... more »

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I’m guessing you didn’t rob this pic from the vintage factory??

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1980 CR 125, making moto fun again!!

Bobby Hedge photo for the win!
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I have a set of carbon frame guards PM me and I’ll get you pics and details.

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Really sdg seats look like shit, mine fits great and looks good! LOL your an idiot OEM prices are high all the way across the board just depends on where you go to get them, local Honda dealer will try to sell a bolt for $10 when online it’s $1!

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Went out to Desoto for the vintage race 100% chance of had me skeptical, but it held out track was great and racing was fun!

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You forgot to add in that freakin Tickle and Grant made it a whole season. Jesus at least they could have in career mode gave you an option of using illicit substances baring you filling out a TUE and the option to hold out from selecting a sponsor until ... more »

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Reach out to Randy with he is heavily involved with moto as well, he got me a pair of the 100% Accuri’s (spelling?) the first ride felt a little weird after that I am used to them now. Tried contacts they weren’t for me moved and made my eyes ... more »

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Can you divulge any details on said acerbis sponsorship, I’ll be riding the +30 beginner class this year and need lots of sponsors for my real fast rm un2five, similar to the one Brake Bagget rodes!!! Honestly though with graphics the kit looks good ... more »

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Sign me up I’ll take 2!!!!

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Love my Tacoma, keep saying I want a new truck but like mine way to much, 07 model just clicked 110,000 miles no major issues other then routine maintenance.

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Jesus slow down not sure if I can handle two just yet, I respect my dad way more now then ever before. Not sure how he managed to keep multiple bikes going and work 50-60 plus hours a week then go ride/race on the weekends, then do it all over again ... more »

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You blink and they turn 2, never really had perspective on time until H came around. Didn’t really want her around bikes but every time she’s out in the garage she heads straight for them.