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I wear a size US12 EE wide shoe and they fit nice with lots of room. I also found they fit pretty true to size. I have the original predators. I'm not sure about the 2.0 version. I have about 100 hours on them and I've broken 1 strap and a metal toe ... more »

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Another vote for the Forma Predators. Wide and really cushy inside. Really well made boot in my opinion.

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We’re using #10 1-1/4 or 1” self tapping screws from the inside with 10-24 nuts outside. Cheaper than tap cons and get about 20 hours. Need to line your tire with thick rubber or run mousse to prevent flats. Traction is unreal you can go wherever ... more »
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Yea you have to have the VPN application on whatever device. My iPad is too old to get the latest app. I watch on my laptop and use "Private Internet Access" Its been working good for about a year. Only issue is I've been having trouble streaming the ... more »

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Couple of the old ones waiting in the barn 67 Yamaha YR-1 350 and a 71 Bultaco Sherpa T 250
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I bought a 1975 Yamaha 650 last winter for 300$ cylinders full of water. I kinda made what I think is cool without cutting anything. I haven’t got to ride it yet as this Covid stuff has closed inspection shop etc. Went up and down the driveway. I bought

... more »
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My box isn’t very ocd. I would love to get organized with inserts but all my stuff is mismatched anyways. My favourites are the old snap on ratchets ones a 1940s 3/8 “Ferret” with no chrome as apparently they needed it for the war effort. The other one

... more »
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I was full on yelling at the tv when we didn't get a replay of Justin Cooper going down while leading or a replay of what happened to Craig. Granted they may have not had Craigs crash but they had Coopers. Instead they go to an interview of Derek Drake ... more »

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"Set sail"

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I did just count some of the other issues and you are right the content is around 70 pages. I will give them that it's the same amount of content. I still don't want to have to go through 45 pages of effectively spam in a magazine I'm paying for though. ... more »

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At the risk of getting blown out I'm kinda fed up with the ads in my paper Racerx magazine. I'm just wondering how other people feel about it. I used to buy all the magazines as a a kid and still have most of them. I decided I wanted to resubscribe about ... more »

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"the jersey doesn't breath"
"the gloves are not true to size"
"they are very expensive"
"there is a lot going on with the pant buckle system"

I highly recommend them

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I see it says you get the MXON 2019 replay. Do you get the 2019 regular season replays with a subscription as well?

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I don’t think that Suzuki would use screw type hose clamps on their factory bike with what looks like fuel line from a lawnmower...

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If you are serious about your career you may have to give up riding for a while like I did. Lets face it, if you're not independently wealthy it's expensive training and you are not going to be making virtually ANY money the first few years. Plus you ... more »

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I fly commercially and ride as much as I can. Theres a few guys at my airline that ride as well. I haven't raced in years as I like to stay within my limits. I'm thinking about getting back into doing some hare scrambles at some point or some vet Moto. ... more »

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Take the time to heal up for sure. I've been lucky to never have a major concussion. However if I'm reading your username correctly - I'm going to guess we have a mutual occupation. You can't be too careful as I'm sure you're aware. My minor one definitely ... more »

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Cool bike! I'm interested in doing one of these builds what exactly did you use for the Frame are certain years better candidates?I have an 2006 KX250 complete and I'm considering doing one of these builds. Could you let us know what you used for parts? ... more »