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I'm guessing not many responses are from husky/ktm 125 owners. There is something you can do on these bikes totally free. They have an adjustable powervalve. To take advantage of this, remove the big shiny aluminum nut in front of the clutch cover, and ... more »

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The team green deal is a rebate that gets sent to your Kawasaki contingency card. Typically, the dealer will sell it to you for whatever price minus the rebate, and then when the card gets the rebate you go back and swipe the card for the rebate amount. ... more »

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I've had a couple of aluminum framed YZ's, and I honestly prefer my kx. 05 and up feel pretty dang sweet to me, I just thought the yz was so dang rigid, regardless of what I did to the suspension. I really like the SX250 too, just make sure you play ... more »

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Kind of sucks right now, at least as far as the mx scene goes. Sundance, Ascot, and Pine Bluff all race pretty regularly, and there's Michael Donelson's Arkansas State Series, but otherwise it is certainly dwindling. I resorted to doing harescrambles ... more »

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The reason I am on the fence about the braces (and currently not wearing one) is the much sharper pivot it creates at the bottom of the back piece. I know of a few instances like the one Ridge referred to where the rider's spine was broken or severed ... more »

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I have a few thoughts regarding this topic. When this topic was started Impulse was at the Mill Creek Spring Classic supporting racers, so that might explain the phones unattended. Believe it or not, there is actually a lot that goes into creating graphics. ... more »

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Anxiously awaiting the review, the stock KX250F engine is hard to improve.

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Ozzy Barbaree picked up a KTM 350 from the KTM/Kawasaki Sportscenter in Little Rock a few weeks ago and has been busy practicing on it. He is planning on racing it in the 450 class on the West coast, and riding his 250 on the east.

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I've avoided this topic for a while, but what the heck. I've raced a 250F since 2004, and have competed in every skill level class over the years as well. Over the past 3 years I have also owned a few two strokes (2 YZ250s, 2 KX125s, and currently an ... more »

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The Ti5 also has flaps inside the core to keep it quieter, that makes a huge difference in sound and performance as well.

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It's been awesome to see the progress of Zach and now Trace over the past couple of years. I'm certainly no guyB, but this is definitely one of my favorite pics.

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One of my favorite events of the year. I'm always amazed at the spectator turnout in such a small town. It is usually standing room only in the stands!

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Not that this proves anything, but he responded to a tweet the other day when a friend and I were BSing on twitter...