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That looks like the black plastic spacer that goes between the throttle housing and front brake master cylinder to make sure the dealer building the bike doesn’t assemble it with the brake lever sticking out an inch past the bars.

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White is -4% leaner, white with black tape is stock, gray is +4% richer. No ignition timing changes. Personally, I think the gray gives a bit more overrev, and the white one is better down low.

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Hey big guy, sorry to ruin yours and gnarwhip’s day by committing the cardinal sin of trying to get a resolution to an issue that I’d been getting 0 response on, and warning fellow consumers. Here’s a few cliff notes of this story for me thus far: 1:

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3 hours 56 minutes in.

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So I bought two sets of Arkon gear recently because it looked pretty sharp and fairly vented. On my second day of wearing one set, the seam on the back of the left thigh ripped apart from right above my knee to the top. Last week I used their contact ... more »

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So, I received my camshafts back from Webcam. This is who makes the cams for several engine builders, including JGR. I had the privilege of speaking with Melissa there, she answered about 100 stupid questions, and always called me back when she had to ... more »

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I had the opposite luck with the annex gear. Ordered two sets, they were too big in the waist, and too small in the knees. As a result, every time my knees bent it pulled the pants down, and if I was sitting it split the seams on the back. Lasted all ... more »

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I believe he still has them.

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My friend still has this set:,26/Showa-Spring-A-Kit-From-2020-KX450,1375264

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Any takers for $3,000?

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Well, my suspension settings likely aren’t something you’d enjoy as we’re on different ends of the spectrum. I’m 6’5” and 195 lbs, so I run stiffer springs with the Race Tech gold valves. I would try a lighter spring rate front and rear for starters ... more »

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Some better pics of the fork legs for a better idea of their condition. Willing to separate, $1250 for shock, $2250 for forks and clamps.

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So.... the more cheesy aftermarket glitter the better..... as long as the photo is good? A proper restore to original is much more time consuming that a new bike with a bunch of aftermarket fluff on it....

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As the title suggests, I was wondering if one of the engine builders on here had ever compared the two muffler offerings from FMF, or if anyone had any real world experience with both systems on the same bike. If this should be in Tech Help section, ... more »

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So far the 450 just has a holeshot device, Mika Metals RC bend bars (15mm taller), and getting rid of the Bridgestones. That bike in stock trim is a great bike for the second half of the day. For instance, doing the Texas Winter Series they gave one ... more »

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One would think this would be stating the obvious, but since people are recommending other OEM's oil, why not run Ecstar 9000, the full synthetic oil that Suzuki recommends? Or their new MX9000 that JGR developed? For break-in purposes they are filled ... more »

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Nice, I hear River Valley MX in Watts, Oklahoma is working on re-opening soon. I'm assuming you're in Fayetteville for school, so it may not have been open since you've been there. Dirt Bike Mike's is awesome. It has elevation change, some sand, a few ... more »

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Psst... I sent you an email. Here's a link to the shock (and forks/clamps) I have listed on here...,26/Showa-Spring-A-Kit-From-2020-KX450,1375264

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For plastic, I went with UFO. I ordered their limited edition blue and yellow set. As it turns out, the shrouds have the blue and yellow flipped, but that's not an issue. I swapped out the blue front fender for a yellow one. I also went with a yellow

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Odds and ends: There’s about 4” of overlap between the rear fender and air box, and a bunch as well between air box and side panels, so I drilled the redundant air box plastic. I didn’t let my OCD plot out the holes since they won’t be seen, but if you

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