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Very nice local MD kid. He rips on a MTB too! Was always very fast and competitive in the amateur ranks, raced Australian nationals last year for a Suzuki team and did really well. Racing for the SGB team and does HVAC work to pay the bills.

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Theres a few, but my friend Jerod Stoner and I (mainly Jerod) beat this guy in his own race. That's kind of neat.

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That is sweet! Brings back memories of being a kid and drooling over the new YZ's.

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I have several friends whos kids played year round sports that are now looking for something to do since their seasons are shot. They have bought all the kids MX bikes and they're loving it! A lot of local shops are selling out of items faster than they ... more »

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Championship Powersports in Wauseon OH. Jim and everyone there are great to deal with and will help out as much as they can.

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If you can ride clipped in, I strongly encourage it. Just monitor your battery usage if you go for long rides, once the battery dies you will find out how heavy those bikes are and why you want that motor! Have fun, like everyone else has said, its fun ... more »

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Let me know if you decide to sell, I would definitely be interested!

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Lake Whitney, no chance now though.

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Is this place where the Intrepid Go Kart track is/was? Its been a long time since Ive been out there, but I do remember putting in a lot of laps on the kart track.

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I still have a small collection of catalogs as well! Its funny looking through them and realizing how MX gear prices havent changed too much in the last 25+ years (unless you look at premium stuff).

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Great score! That subframe is one of those parts that makes you want to find a project to build, just so you can use it!

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PM Sent

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I was wearing the "100 Boob Jump" shirt actually

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I worked at Freestate Cycle in Captiol Heights MD for about 6 years. We actually met a few years ago at your show in Baltimore, you all were touring with Pennywise for their 25th anniversary of About Time. We talked for quite a while about Moto XXX and ... more »

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Awesome! As a kid I remember watching the first Moto XXX video and was blown away! We all had Crusty, but Moto XXX was just a little edgier for sure. Worked at a dealership when I was younger and we sold a ton of Moto XXX videos, as well as clothing. ... more »

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I actually have each bike. They are both great bikes. The 450 I put a Pro Circuit link on it and a pipe (FMF). The Honda is still stock (technically my wifes bike). I have always owned Suzuki's since 97, so I am very partial to the brand. The 450 has ... more »

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92 CR 250 96 CR 125 96 CR 250 06 RM 250 18 CRF 250 18 RMZ 450 95 YZ 250 2- PWs Multiple bikes in pieces. Plus my Zuma, which I rip all around town on!

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Ive had the chance to ride with some pretty fast folks, but the craziest story I have is probable when Robbie Reynard jumped over/passed me at his track in OK (this was before he bought it, think it was called Welston). There was a table top that the ... more »

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That bike looks amazing! Keep up the good work!

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Allstate has always taken great care of me for all insurance needs. I don't know how much I pay for the year (maybe $180) and never had any issues. Even had to make a claim with no questions asked and they covered everything (snapped a chain that broke ... more »