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...they are moving the Leap. Chill Internet haha it was well needed, the lip and landing of the original, have deteriorated significantly over the years. A brand new version, of the most well known jump in MX, yea can't go wrong with that.

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Only cool thing like that I can remember, is Pontiac used to have an Amateur day. I can remember getting my PW stuck on the top of a face haha

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Martin is prime, best practice track at least on the west side of the state, and right off highway. The track is awesome first few rotations, then it gets rough. But it is like that rough track that is a ton of fun. After that Valley and Morelands (next ... more »

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(Going off this) Weird? Normally West is the "stacked" coast. Hill v Forkner (most likely the latter) for the West title, then the East will be entertaining haha

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Tim Ferry is his trainer. He has been working with him throughout the year. Given Ferry is only a hour from Baker's it would be interesting if he does ever switch.

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Dane's GOD jumps were pushing 60 ft, and he nailed them. There's a 3-part video series on that Allan Hardy and UNiT produced. Some of my favorite BMX vids to date. That dude was a machine on a bike. He died from the Pool Jump. Such a bummer, still get ... more »

Added a new video The Lost Tapes: South of the Border 3/2/2015 10:33 AM

2 Years Ago, I embarked on what would become the "Southern Discomfort Tour". From what started as me flying to Houston to buy a car, turned into a 4 month adventure throughout the South (hence the name). For reasons even I don't know, I never released this fun-filled video from the South of the Border. I came across this flat-colored video on one of my old hard drives and figured since its almost exactly 2 years ago that this was shot, why not upload it. So here it is, 2 minutes that took 2 years. Featuring: Bradley Taft, the Matt Burkeen, Cody McCulloch and Brandon Hartranft. Noise: Black Lips "Modern Art" Film/Edit: Conor Edgar; The Lost Generation.

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I am fairly certain that Standing Construct (Tim Mathy's outfit) will be the new premier Yamaha backed MX2 team. Julien Lieber has been ripping a Yamaha lately, and as of the last few rounds, he was on Standing Construct (KTM). On a side note, that is ... more »

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I'm confused here... could you please name one Geico rider that hasn't missed at least one season? Wharton, Hahn, Bogle, etc. all have missed at the least, one season? Not too mention Jordon (Smith) is coming off two previous injuries... Nothing against ... more »

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So sick to see Shane still at the track, riding!!

0 0 0

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Nitro Circus wasn't produced by the network? It was produced by Godfrey and Fat Tremaine..

Added a new video Southern Discomfort Tour: Oak Hill National 2013 4/2/2013 10:53 AM

The Southern Discomfort Tour presented by: Etnies, Insider MX and Nixon made a pitstop in Decatur, Texas for the Oak Hill Spring Classic. It was definitely an interesting stop, from sleeping outside one night to the highly competitive classes that made for some great racing! Definitely a highlight of the week was the Industry races, where we ended up 2nd. Also, introducing the newest member to the Southern Discomfort Tour, Host Donzi D'Ambrosa. Anyways here is the latest tour stop video, starring the likes of: Matt Burkeen, Chase Bell, Tanner Stack, Mitchell Harrison, Kyler West, Chase Sexton, Cooper Webb and Chris Alldredge. Enjoi. FIlm/ Edit: Conor Edgar Host: Donzi D'Ambrosa Music: The Joy Formidable "Whirring"

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I never knew that Smelly was apart of Moto XXX!?! NOFX was the first punk band I was introduced to, still my favorite band to this day. I was always a fan of you guys when I was a grom, but dang thats awesome! I remember seeing Larry Ward at red bud ... more »

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Only thing that is consistent every year at Mini O's is "No way are they going to finish on Saturday, We are going to be racing on sunday.. Wow, we finished on saturday.. at 630 at night"

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Matt Burkeen won the Thor performance award, Jordan Bailey won the Asterisk award, Coop won the Platinum Pipe and the Dunlop award. Some C Rider won the Scott Goggle Award (Should have been Jordon Smith) and I think Forkner won Bronze boot?

Added a new video TSF: Darius Glover Paralyzed Motocross Racer 10/9/2012 1:41 PM

Conor Edgar and Darius Glover (fastest Paralyzed Motocross Racer in the world) have been tediously working on the "Live and Learn: Living Life with No Regrets" documentary these past few months. This is just an update video on some of the more recent adventures. enjoi. Music: "Short Cut/ Detour" - Pretty Lights FIlm/ Edit: Conor Edgar -assistance: Anton Dufort Thanks to: RaceReadyFitness, One Industries, Etnies, Young and Reckless, MTF, Red Bud MX and Dutch Sport Park MX

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Added a new video Armada/ TSF Digital Cinema Presents: Baja Brawl 2012 10/5/2012 11:20 AM

Armada/ TSF's Conor Edgar ventured out to this years Baja Brawl, to capture some moto. Featuring the likes of Gage Linville, Tucker Maxwell and Ashton Hayes. enjoi. Music: The Chicharones "Burn it Down" Film/ Edit: Conor Edgar also, Drew Yenerich Thanks to: Huge thanks to One Industries! FloPlates Etnies Footwear

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Added a new video Action Sports Fusion/ TSF Loretta Lynn 2012: Recap 8/15/2012 2:57 PM

As Loretta Lynn's rapped up, we give you a recap of the final two days at Loretta Lynn's ranch this year. Their was a lot of phenomenal racing going on, and that would be why we are coming out with 2 more videos after this! This video consists of Luke Clout, Cooper Webb, Matt Burkeen, Tj Rios, Carson Mumford, Gage Linville, Zachary Hayden Bell, Kyle Swanson, Sean Cantrell, Ashton Hayes, Chase Sexton, Josh Osby.. some of the most determined and talented individuals in our sport. enjoi. Music: "Wolf Like Me" TV on the Radio Film/ Edit: Conor Edgar, TSF/ Armada/ Action Sports Fusion Brought to you by/ Thanks to: One Industries (, etnies footwear (, frends headphones (, Klein Designs, ARMADA Longboards, Matt Rice and Chris Mo at Action Sports Fusion Share, Like, enjoi

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Added a new video Action Sports Fusion: Loretta Lynn's 2012: Wednesday 8/8/2012 5:37 PM

Second day of racing was underway as the 450 B, schoolboy, Mini Sr 12-14 and 65 7-9 classes hit the track providing entertaining racing. Starring the likes of Matthew Burkeen, Ashton Hayes, Gage Linville, and Josh Osby. Osby went on to win his very first Loretta Lynn moto! Film/ Edit: Conor Edgar Thanks to: Etnies, One industries, Armada Longboards, and A.S. Fusion Music: Good Charlotte "The Anthem"

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Added a new video Action Sports Fusion: Loretta Lynn's 2012: Tuesday 8/8/2012 5:34 PM

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