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So you don't know him and are just passing your opinion off as what he probably thinks. That could be seen as pretty small minded and ignorant as well.

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Fuck you guys are harsh. I thought he seemed honest and open, didn't dodge anything and came across well. The jabs he took at Steve were no different to the thousands of other jabs people take on that show that makes it such a good vibe. It's like you ... more »

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If only the disc was changed, the rear calliper bracket would be different to allow for the smaller disc.

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I've listened to every episode and really enjoy the show but I've got to disagree about the interruptions. GL & Donnie continually cut off or talk over the guests mid sentence and it's annoying as hell.

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If they even up the capacity rules won't they have to restrict the 2 strokes so that they only fire every other stroke? Y'know, to keep things equal

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Can you post a picture of the part that broke off as well please?

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FYI 3000 per day is slightly more than 110 per day. Bold strategy calling out someone else's data not adding up.

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Just put a layer of shoe goo over the worn area and you'll be gold 👍

Liked a comment on the item @PING 5/4/2020 2:13 AM

Typical arrogant Canadian is a new one for me.

It is funny how everything you say you can’t stand, is really exactly what you are doing yourself.

Hiding behind a microphone = hiding behind a keyboard

“If he wasn’t such a pussy he could handle opposing viewpoints without allowing it to hurt his feelings”... you sound rather hurt...more

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I heard he can bottom A Kit stuff!

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Tim Gaiser would dispute that.

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Now all the grown ups are here telling everyone else to grow up

It's a fugging motocross forum for discussing motocross and motocross related topics FFS. That doesn't automatically exclude people from caring about the current situation.........Morans ... more »
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As Keefer would say, some of you guy's need to chill the fuck down! It's an adult podcast, don't listen to it with your kids.

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As bummed as they probably are, I'm pretty sure that Pulpmx also appreciates the 3 bikes? that Yamaha supplied for Pulpmx Fantasy as well as his own bike enough to not make it a big deal.

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Nope, Aussies use it all the time to take the piss out of Americans. All in good fun though!

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Gave you a down vote just to add credibility to your post 😉😅

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You're probably right, most motor racing is funded by wealthy benefactors or family. Such is life I guess.

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1. Eli definitely took Ken's line away on the upramp, photo's show he was gaining all the way until Eli cut over. 2.100% It would have ended bad if Ken didn't shut down and double. 3.Eli made the pass in the corner, no way Eli thought Ken could carry

... more »
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It's not a fucking motocross race champ. It doesn't take an expert to know the difference.