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I highly doubt it but does anyone know if this game we'll finally get local multiplayer split screen?

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He got bumped off the track after a corner and got stuck between 2 tuff blocks between 2 lanes of the track. Could barely reach the ground since he's pretty short and the bike stalled while trying to keep upright. He was in an awkward spot and couldn't ... more »

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Haven’t seen the broadcast yet so I can’t speak on Duffey but I swear Ralph was announcing live in the stadium. He did great!

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I was there up top. $30 a ticket, got them at the stadium to avoid service fees. This has been the most crowded I’ve seen it the past few years. I was surprised

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Sean Hackley and Alex Frye

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Yes I have. I try and buy a few bags from Wageman's pit at anaheim the past few years. It's pretty good

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Does Ferrandis or Lawrence ride the bikes with American flag graphics? Kind of weird to rep the flag of a different country

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The last Pala National wasn’t just California “traffic” it was a shit show. I got off the freeway at 1030Am and didn’t reach the front gate of the track until about 3pm only for the track entrance to be closed since there was no parking left. That’s ... more »

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How lame someone coming on here starting a “booing” rumor that wasn’t even there and the whole vital mob mentality. There was no booing on the broadcast and if you look at 100% and ferrandis’ Instagram accounts (their Instagram stories which I can’t ... more »

Added reply in a thread That intelligent with the good part of the gate closed, then they say that always looking for the safety of the riders 4/19/2019 8:34 AM

Holy shite

Thats gold ... more »
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Crazy Horse III

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Jack and Coke Jake, Vodka Redbull Langston, and a Coors LIT Villopoto.

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Yup same exact picks on my team. I knew Enzo was a bad idea but I thought “maybe this time it’ll be different”

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You mean your stupid idiotic post. Definition of keyboard warrior. Here’s your post about him being “dramatic”

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Here's a 15 page recap for those that missed it. Nerd: 1. Williamson is the problem he's lucky to have a job since he doesn't know what he's doing and lacks all knowledge about being a mechanic and crew chief. He's unwilling to learn and is incompetent. ... more »

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I'm not surprised at all by that story which is pretty crazy. I'm more surprised that we continue to voluntarily keep an organization like that around our sport after knowing how corrupt an inefficient they are. The FIM and WADA bring nothing but trouble. ... more »

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Doesn’t he have something to do with the Lake Havasu City BMX track now? Saw him and his son at the Winter Nationals in Phoenix

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He's from Methford, OR. That's your first red flag.

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D.I. - Johnnys got A Problem (Hill Climb segment Terrafirma 5) Ill Repute - Clean Cut american Kid (In TP199's segment Crusty 3) Here's a link with all the cool 90's moto videos and their track lists! Just found it, I'm so pumped! I've been looking for ... more »

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AWESOME Reed interview. Blair asking such good questions and Reed really diving in and giving great responses. This is one of the best interviews I’ve seen on Race Day Live.