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I have the Fenix 5. I love it. The thing is indestructible and gives so much information that has helped me big time. I mainly use it for training in different HR zones and mainly use it for running and backpacking but the other metrics it offers are ... more »

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This was awesome. I’ve since been listening to his DMXS segments. He seems very realistic and understands the pathophysiology of why the body does what it does.

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RIP Legend. My condolences to the Smith family and friends. What a loss! WOW this news made the Yahoo home page and TMZ. His legacy has made such an impact not only on the moto community but also the “regular world.” If only we could be more like Marty.

... more »
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Bought a used Specialized Allez for $200. It’s not expensive but gets the job done! Just did a little 25 mile ride today.

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Fuel TV was so rad! They had such great shows. That’s just about the only live tv I would watch!

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Sweet. What team?

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Indian Reservations are separate sovereign governments. They aren't confined by county laws

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What would happen if people weren’t social distancing? Just take a look at Sweden. No government lockdown no mandated social distancing. No gloom and doom. Also you use New York as an example which is the United States’ most populous city where people ... more »

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That was badass! I would’ve paid for that. That was done really well!

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I have it on dvd somewhere in the garage. Awesome soundtrack and sick riding footage. One of my favorites......besides throttle for the gold of course. classics

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Crazy that Sweden isn’t considered seeing that they aren’t doing any lockdown measures. But don’t let your bias get in the way of rational thinking

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Actually San Bernardino County in CA is the largest county in the US in terms of mileage. Coconino county in AZ is second. But who’s counting...

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Oh really

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Doesn’t chicken still get free bikes and he’s long retired and he’s got no social following.

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There’s a VP Gas station in Long Beach off 7th st. I know that’s a bit out of the way

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It looks like the new DL pack isn’t available for the switch? Sweet

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I’m assuming you’ll be riding that bike in the gay pride parade?

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That was done really well! I just watched some of his other videos and they were pretty good. Thanks for the post!

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Yea, having your own clothing company and investing in a coffee start up while free riding dirt bikes every day in the hills and doing project builds living in a million dollar house in OC By the beach sounds like his life has gone down hill. Where can ... more »

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I used to love when Tony would come on the pulp show since you’d never know how bad he would blow up. He made for great radio always overreacting and saying crazy things. Now I like when Tony comes on the pulp show for different reasons. He brings great ... more »