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Malcolm? The same Malcom that hasn’t raced outdoors since what, 2016?

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Who do you have to win tonight? Seems everytime they hype up a record, it never works out. RV’s 3 in a row A1 wins, Barcias 4 wins. Jetts perfect season…

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Id imagine the recovery time between races is better/more appealing.

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Noticed that too with the mechanic.

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We need cognitive assessments to be done to allow people to post here. I could have sworn people wanted more attitude and less robots in the sport? Now we have it and it’s too scary? Because Phil is really going to physically hurt Austin, but let’s praise ... more »

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Anderson proved he’s one of the few riders to be able to move through the pack this season. A lot more position changes last night which was good, but the previous rounds no one was able to move up more than 1 or 2 spots once in the top 10. Anderson ... more »

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That rung his bell pretty good. Even walking off with the medic he had sea legs. Hope he’s ok, and doesn’t rush back to it.

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Barcia looked as good as chase does now when he first moved up. I think Chase is the real deal, but I don’t see him going on a tear. He’s a very serious racer that puts a lot of pressure on himself, and I think that will do more harm than good in the ... more »

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Same reason they don’t tell us how difficult it is for nascar racers to go 3 wide at 190mph every race, we already know it’s difficult. Would you want them to break down what seat bouncing is, how it helps, and how difficult it is mid race for the new ... more »

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I think he needs to get a feel for being a front runner again. It’s been Swahili, but damn he looks good out there.

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Vince decided to take the inside of the outside, but still take the outside of the inside.

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“Bang factory electric start Suzuki” coming to the pits in 2023?

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Why would they? They weren’t even born the last time more than 2 250’s were on the gate in supercross.

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Planning a trip out to Denver for the race. I’ve never been, so I have no idea on where to stay. Looking into air bnb’s and most likely won’t rent a vehicle if it’s not needed. Any suggestions on neighborhoods to look that offer decent public transit/entertainment? ... more »

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We get it, you were born with FMF shorty’s for legs and half waffle finger tips. People are allowed to come in and enjoy the sport for the first time. Now go put on jeans and spin some laps on your TTR with your cat.

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Give the people what they want, and they’ll still complain.

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Combined coasts, 16 round series with a week off when the series heads to the opposite coast. They ping pong across the country in the summer for negative dollars, so why wouldn’t they do it when they’re guaranteed money if they qualify?

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Class will always be weak when you split 22 of the fastest guys between 2 coasts. Get rid of regional championships.

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How many people that have talked trash about JA and how he lucked into his 2018 title and never did anything since leaving Aldon are now rooting for him this season?